Addict Flint Short Pegs

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  • Addict Flint Short Pegs
  • Addict Flint Short Pegs

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Addict Flint pegs are perfect for either street or park riding, as they are made of steel and are ultra-durable. Available in either short or long versions.

Addict Flint Short Pegs are shaped to easily lock onto coping and rails for easier grind tricks. These SCOOTER PEGS feature a unique laser etch design. Made from 4130 chromoly steel, Flint Short Pegs are made for the rear of decks. Addict Flint Short Pegs are sold individually and axles NOT included.

Addict Flint Short Pegs are steel scooter pegs that were designed to work with Addict decks. Flint Short Pegs can be used with decks from other manufacturers but you will need to check the deck and fork widths to verify that the axles provided will fit properly. Steel scooter pegs, while heavier than aluminum, offer durability that aluminum scooter pegs cannot.

Addict Flint Short Pegs Specifications:

  • Made from 4130 chromoly steel
  • made for the rear of decks
  • Anodized finish
  • axles NOT included
  • sold individually
  • Available dimensions: N/A
  • Available colors: RED

Addict hasn't been around in the US for quite some time now but we're excited to announce that they are back. One of the first manufacturers that we sold, Addict was very popular back in the day and we expect they will be more popular than ever now that they are back.

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