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$159.99 $119.99 (you save $40.00)

At Smokin Scooters, we love IHC compression, which is featured on the Envy Colt S2 Complete Scoot ... Read More


At Smokin Scooters, we love IHC compression, which is featured on the Envy Colt S2 Complete Scooter. Integrated Headset Compression is built directly into your forks and eliminates the need to buy a completely separate compression system, saving you a lot of money. Forks with IHC compression are typically only slightly more expensive than a standard fork. Factor in what bars you want before you purchase IHC forks, as they only work with standard bars with a slit.

Envy Colt S2 Complete Scooter Specifications:

  • 4.70W x 19.50L integrated deck and headset with an 82.5 degree headtube
  • 20.50W X 23.00H standard chromoly steel Envy Colt S2 bars
  • IHC compression and a double clamp to compress the bars onto the forks
  • 4130 chromoly steel Envy Colt S2 forks with built-in IHC compression
  • 110mm Colt S2 wheels with ABEC 9 bearings
  • Available dimensions: N/A
  • Available colors: BLUE, GREEN, RED


ENVY SCOOTERS continues to crank out high quality scooter components, as well as complete scooters, at affordable pricing. Envy continues to implement new innovations into their products, such as integrated headset compression, which has been adopted by almost every other manufacturer in the scooter industry.


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Smokin Scooters review - Envy Colt S2 Complete Scooter

Posted by Smokin Scooters, Nov 23rd 2017
We get asked all of the time what the perfect entry level scooter is to get introduced to the sport of scooter riding. Our answer, every time, is the Envy Colt. Envy has the Envy ONE just below the Colt and the Prodigy above it. Price-wise, the Colt sits right between the $129 ONE and $199 Prodigy but offers equipment comparable to the Prodigy for significantly less. The Colt features one-piece bars, which are significantly stronger than the Envy ONE bars and is just missing the 120mm wheels found on the Prodigy. The Colt deck and bars are slightly smaller than those found on the Prodigy but are highly versatile in terms of fitting riders from very young ages up to the advanced beginner and intermediate riders up in the 8 and 9 year old range. The Colt has high end features like IHC compression and 110mm wheels. Envy is synonymous with quality and you can't go wrong with this perfectly priced ($159), high-end entry level complete.
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