Envy Scooter Stand

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The Envy Scooter Stand is a great product for a conscientious kid who wants to keep their garage clean and stop dinging up their parents car. Okay, no It is not. It is for your parents, who are tired of your scooter laying in the middle of the garage or up against their car.

Envy Scooter Stand Specifications:

  • compatible with wheels up to 120mm
  • will save a ton of space in the garage
  • huge space saver
  • made of durable plastic
  • lightweight
  • Available dimensions: compatible with wheels up to 120mm
  • Available colors:

ENVY SCOOTERS continues to crank out high quality scooter components, as well as COMPLETE SCOOTERS, at affordable pricing. Envy continues to implement new innovations into their products, such as integrated headset compression, which has been adopted by almost every other manufacturer in the scooter industry.

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