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April 24, 2018 5 min read

If you are in the market for a solid set of aluminum scooter bars, look no further than the Envy Reaper V3 bars. Now in their 3rd generation, the Reaper bars have grown in popularity over the years and are the most popular choice of pro scooter riders around the world. When the Envy Union bars were released last year, we did not think another scooter bar could look any better but the Reaper V3 bar is hands down the best looking aluminum bar around. If you want a scooter bar that you are not going to see other riders with at the skate park, you will need to stay away from this bear. Scooter bars are made of three primary materials – aluminum, steel, and titanium. We can give you a very simple run-down to help you choose which one is best for you.Aluminum – very light, prone to break under abusive riding, moderately pricedSteel – heavy, very durable, moderately pricedTitanium – very light, very strong, very expensiveSize/AudienceWe recommend the Envy Reaper bars to intermediate and pro riders and for ages 8 and up. The Envy Reaper bars come in at 22.83 inches wide by 26.60 inches high. If you are a newbie to the sport of scootering, really young, or a little small of stature, the Reaper bars might be too tall for you. However, Envy typically does not veer to the extremes when it comes to sizing their scooter bars and scooter decks, as they want them to be versatile enough to cover a wide range of riders. Bar widths are typically between 19 and 24 inches so the width is a little bit on the high side. Bar heights range from 19 to 28 inches so, again, the Reapers fall on the high side. You can cut the bar width down to your personal preference. While you can cut the bar height down, you will need to switch from IHC to SCS compression, as removing the slit will only make the bars compatible with SCS compression.Available ColorsEnvy Reaper V3 bars are available in 3 color ways: Oil Slick, Black, and Polished.PriceAt $100, Envy Reapers are fairly pricey but, considering that most titanium bars are $250 - $300, you can buy 3 pairs of Reapers for the price of a single titanium bar. Aluminum bars claim to fame is their extremely light weight and the Reaper bars do not disappoint. At just 1.65 pounds, they are some of the lightest bars on the market in the scooter industry today. And did we mention that they look great?Compression – IHC/ICS (as sold) – SCS (with modification)*** Envy Reaper bars are NOT compatible with HIC or TCS compression ***Aluminum bars have an oversized outer diameter and standard inner diameter, as well as a slit, which means that the Reaper bars are only compatible with IHC compression out of the box unless, of course, you are still running ICS compression. They are also compatible with ICS compression, NOT ICS 10 compression, both of which are nearly obsolete these days. You can use the Envy Reaper bars with SCS compression if you do one of two things. (1)Purchase a standard SCS bar adapter (we recommend Root Industries bar SCS bar adapter). Please note that you will need a rubber mallet to install the bar adapter and, once installed, is nearly impossible to remove. Be very sure that you want to convert your bars to SCS before doing so. The SCS bar adapter is virtually impossible to remove once installed.(2)You can cut the bars down to remove the slit which is, of course, irreversible. Slits range from 1.5 to 2 inches so you will be cutting at least that much off of your bar height.Please note that converting to SCS is pretty much a permanent move using either option. A small, or baby, SCS will raise your bars 1.5 inches because the bars only sit halfway down the SCS clamp. A large, or standard, SCS will raise your bars a full two inches. With that said, if you want to retain the original bar height when converting to SCS, use method 2, as cutting down the bars to remove the slit will negate the additional 1.5 to 2 inches of bar height added by the SCS. If you want to get another 1.5 to 2 inches of bar height out of your bars, use an SCS bar adapter with your SCS clamp.Compatible PartsIHC Compression – if you are riding IHC compression, you will needo IHC forks ooversized clampSCS Compression (bar adapter) - when riding SCS compression with the use of an SCS bar adapter, you will needoSCS forksoStandard SCS bar adapter – due to standard inner diameter of barsoOversized SCS compression system – due to oversized outer diameter of barsSCS Compression (by cutting bars) - when riding SCS compression via cutting the bars down to remove the list, you will needoSCS forksoStandard SCS bar adapter – due to standard inner diameter of barsoOversized SCS compression system – due to oversized outer diameter of barsQualityQuality is a tricky conversation with aluminum bars. Aluminum is a soft metal and, while very light, is not nearly as durable as steel, which is why they only come with a 30 day warranty from Envy. Steel bars come with a 90 day Envy warranty. Aluminum bars are going to break eventually if you ride them hard and, if they do so outside of the 30 day warranty, you are out $100. We recommend going into the purchase of any aluminum bar with eyes wide open. Aluminum is not as strong as steel and will succumb to abuse or hard park riding eventually. With that said, as far as aluminum bars go, the Reapers are some of the best in the world. Envy has a reputation for making some of the highest quality scooter parts in the world. The Reaper bars are no exception but are constrained by the limits of the material that they are made of. The bottom line is – if you want really light bars, you purchase aluminum and sacrifice durability. If you want really durable bars, you purchase steel and sacrifice weight. If you want really light AND really durable bars, your fork out $300 for titanium scooter bars.The VerdictWe will keep it short and sweet – if you are looking for a very light bar that looks phenomenal and are not ready to spend $300 on titanium bars, the Reaper bars are the scooter bar for you.  We highly recommend them and have them on several of our riders scooters.If you want to purchase a pair of Envy Reaper V3 bars click here.