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April 24, 2018 3 min read

When we are out hanging out at our local skate park, The Edge in Allen, TX, kids often ask me what my favorite scooter parts are. When they ask about scooter forks, there have been so many options over the years but my answer is usually Tilt. Whether you ride the retired Legacy forks, the mainstay Nimbus or Tomahawk forks, or the simple Sculpted series, Tilt scooter forks are simply solidly built, function well, and, in our humble opinion, look better than any other forks sold on the market today. The guys at Tilt are primarily composed of street riders and, if you have watched any of their videos coming out of the Chicago Street Jam, where many of them hail from, they are hard core and put their scooter parts through the wringer. Tilt puts a ton of time into testing with their own riders before putting their parts out on the market.Quality/Fit and FinishTilt is tried and true and keeps manufacturing scooter parts locally, right here in the US. Because manufacturing is not offshored, manufacturing costs are a little bit higher, which drives the final products cost up slightly. But the cliché – you get what you pay for – holds true here. Tilt quality is simply second to none. Compare any Tilt scooter fork to another other out at the skate park – they just look better because the quality oozes out of them. And they last forever. I was talking to a rep at a distributor a couple of weeks ago (not Tilt) and they said that they have been riding the same Tilt forks for the past 6 years. He wanted to get new forks but the Tilt forks just would not cooperate with him and break. The strongest testament to whether or not you should ride a certain product is when pro scooter riders or people who work in the industry use the product. Many of the top pro riders and people in the industry ride Tilt.F5 AxleWhile this point may be minor, we absolutely love the Tilt forks because they are clean, and the clean look comes primarily from the F5 axle, which is flush with the outside of the scooter forks, meaning there are no big, bulky bolts sticking out of the forks. The Nimbus, Tomahawk, and Sculpted forks are simply the cleanest looking pro scooter forks on the market.Compression – SCS/HICTilt scooter forks are compatible with SCS or HIC compression. It is a well-known fact that our favorite type of scooter compression is SCS, simply because it is the most effective and requires the least maintenance. While SCS compression is a little more expensive than other compression types, it is hands down the most effective. Whether purchasing the Tilt Nimbus, Tomahawk, or Sculpted forks, they all feature an integrated star nut, which is a very convenient feature. Why any manufacturer of scooter forks still makes a fork that requires you pressing a star nut into the top of the forks is beyond our comprehension. Whether riding HIC or SCS compression, Tilt forks get you out on the street or in the park quickly with the integrated star nut.Part CompatibilityTilt scooter forks are compatible with SCS or HIC compression. When riding either type of compression, you will need the following compatible scooter parts:HIC HIC compression kitOversized inner diameter / Oversized outer diameter barsOversized clampSCS SCS compression system - large SCS if you ride oversized SCS bars or small/baby SCS if you rider standard barsWheelsAll Tilt scooter forks are compatible with scooter wheels up to 120mm.The VerdictShould you choose the Tilt Nimbus, Tomahawk, or Sculpted forks to rider? It simply does not matter, as long as you pick one of them over the competition. The differences between the three models are simply stylistic. So go with the one that you think looks the best because they all function very well and, for that reason, we give all Tilt forks 5 stars!If you would like to purchase any Tilt forks, you can purchase them here:Tilt Nimbus 120 ForksTilt Sculpted 120 ForksTilt Tomahawk 120 Forks