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April 23, 2018 8 min read

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, or street or park rider, who has your sights set on being a pro scooter rider, the 2018 Envy Prodigy S6 complete scooter may very well be the perfect scooter for you. Envy has been manufacturing pro scooters since the beginning and is known for not only making the highest quality kick scooters, but also developing scooters that look as good as they perform. Envy, also known as Blunt Scooters, in Europe has been a market leader year after year and continues to produce scooters that rule the parks. The king of the hill is the Envy Prodigy for several reasons.The Prodigy Complete sits in the middle of the Envy pro scooter lineup. From entry level completes like the Envy ONE and Envy Colt, which are aimed at beginner riders, to the KOS range, which is geared towards intermediate to pro scooter riders, the Prodigy S6 Scooter falls right into the middle of the price range, but packs all of the same technology as the top of the line KOS range. The Envy Prodigy has been our best seller year after year for 6 years now and that trend does not seem to be changing for 2018, as it continues to lead the pack in sales across all of the manufacturers that we sell.While the Prodigy S6 might not be the right scooter for you if you have very young children who are just getting into the sport (check out of the Envy ONE or Colt if you have really young children getting into scootering), the Prodigy is one of the more versatile scooters on the market and fits a wide variety of ages and sizes. With modest bar heights and deck lengths, the Prodigy was intended to be versatile – it fits most children ranging from 8 years old to 13 or 14.We can start with aesthetics, which is what most of your kids are going to care about. Envy simply makes some of the best looking pro scooters in the industry and 2018 features a stunning lineup of color ways – including Paint Splatter, Oil Slick, Black, Candy, and Gold Bandana. There is not a bad color way in the lineup; every one of them looks great. Oil Slick and Paint Splatter lead the charge in terms of 1st quarter 2018 sales, followed closely by Gold Bandana, which we find to be an acquired taste but a lot of kids like. Since Black and Candy are carryovers from the 2017 Envy lineup, they follow up the rear of the sales train. With that said, Black and Candy were our best-selling color ways in 2017, which just goes to show how popular all 5 color ways are.Now that we have form out of the way, we can focus on function. For $199, the Prodigy Complete simply offers the best value that can be had on a scooter in this price range. The Envy Prodigy is a great choice for either street or park rider, as it is so well built that it holds up to the casual street rider or the abuse of the skate park king. Did we mention that riders like Ray Warner, one of the top pro scooter riders in the world, rides Envy products?PricingWhat drives pricing in the scooter industry? Well, quite a few things. Most customers think that the more expensive a scooter is, the better it is. At least that is how most of our younger customers think. The truth is that something as simple as the amount of material being used can drive a significant price difference between models. For example, the components used in the Envy Prodigy and Envy KOS range are almost identical but the KOS range is priced nearly $100 higher than the Prodigy. The KOS features a larger deck, larger bars, and hollow core wheels. Just those three factors cause a significant increase in price. Amount of Material UsedThe larger the deck, the taller the bars, the larger the diameter of the wheels, the more expensive the scooter is going to be due to the higher amount of materials that are being used to build a scooter. Type of Material UsedThe type of material being used can drive a HUGE difference in price. Bars are the best example of this. Scooter bars can be made of aluminum, steel, or titanium. Aluminum bars are very light but are not nearly as durable as steel bars, whose strength comes at the cost of weight. While each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, the cost is comparable between steel and aluminum bars. Titanium scooter bars were recently introduced to the industry, which offer the light weight of aluminum and strength of steel. While aluminum and steel bars typically run in the $60-$80 price range, titanium bars can cost $300 by themselves! That is the cost of a complete Envy KOS scooter – their top of the line scooter!Scooter CompressionThe type of compression that your scooter uses can drive significant cost differences. For instance, an SCS clamp typically runs around $70, while an HIC or IHC setup is typically half the cost.Wheel size / typeScooter wheels range in size from 100mm to 125mm, which refers to the outer diameter of the wheel. A 125mm wheel can cost up to double as much as a 100mm wheel. Wheels cores can also be a solid core of aluminum, spoked, or even hollow. The less machining that goes into the development of the wheel, the less expensive it is. If you get an intricately designed scooter wheel, it will most likely be fairly expensive. Hollow Core is the latest rage in scooter wheels and, while the wheels are very light due to the hollow core, the process of building the wheels is more costly than CNC machining so they tend to be more expensive.What makes the 2018 Envy Prodigy S6 such a great value?Now that we understand what drives scooter pricing, we will look specifically at the Envy Prodigy and what makes the $199 price point desirable to so many customers. Envy Prodigy Scooter DeckThe Prodigy Scooter deck is made of 6 series aluminum, which is the standard for most scooter decks in the industry. Scooter decks range in size from 4.3 inches wide to 5.1 inches wide. The Prodigy S2 deck falls right in the middle, providing plenty of foot space for a very wide range of scooter riders. At 4.72 inches wide, it may be slightly too big for the youngest of riders but will work for most riders ages 8 and up. Decks also range in length from 19 inches long to a massive 23 inches long. We recommend 19.5 – 21 inches long for most riders, regardless of age. The Prodigy deck falls a little bit on the small side but still works for a wide variety of beginner to pro scooter riders. Foot size does drive a lot that goes into the size of your scooter deck. If you are a young kid with unusually large feet, you may want to consider a deck with more space but, as noted, this deck size should fit most riders. My son is 6 foot 2 inches tall and wears a size 12 shoe – he can ride this deck although, admittedly, it is very tight for him as far as foot space goes.Envy Integrated HeadsetThe Envy prodigy deck is an integrated deck and requires the use of an integrated headset. Standard headtubes, which required a special press to install a standard headset, have gone by the wayside. Envy was one of the first to migrate all of their decks to an integrated deck, which simplifies installation and maintenance of the head set.Envy Grip TapeEvery Envy complete scooter comes standard with high quality grip tape. Envy Prodigy Scooter BarsThe boys at Envy decided to go with strength over weight and went with chromoly steel bars on the Prodigy, catering more to the younger crowd, who tends to be a little more abusive to their scoots and the steel bars hold up better to the abuse than aluminum. Prodigy bars come in at 24.4 inches high by 20.5 inches wide. To give you some perspective, many of the early Razor scooters came in at just 14 inches wide by 18 inches tall. While 24.4 inches may be too tall for the youngest riders, it works for most and the 20.5 inch width is a perfect width for most riders. The Prodigy bars have a slit in them so they will only work with IHC compression, which is built into the Envy IHC forks. If your scooter bars end up being too tall, DO NOT cut them down to lower the ride height. Removing the slit from the bars would eliminate the compatibility with the IHC forks and you would have to upgrade to SCS compression AND purchase new forks. Envy Prodigy IHC Scooter ForksEnvy introduced IHC compression several years back, which stands for integrated headset compression. We will not go into all of the details but it was a game changer. The headset compression is built directly into the forks and is very effective, assuming you use LocTite on the compression bolt. Most, if not all, manufacturers in the scooter industry, quickly added IHC compression to their scooter lineup. IHC compression helps drive the price of the Prodigy down because you do not have to purchase forks and compression separately. Envy Scooter WheelsAs noted earlier, wheels range from 100mm to 125mm. The Prodigy utilizes spoked CNC 120mm wheels, which differentiates the Prodigy from its big brother, the KOS, which uses hollow core wheels. In our opinion, wheels are simply a matter of personal preference, as hollow cores are lighter than aluminum core wheels, but only by ounces. So, do not let the lack of hollow cores deter your from purchasing this fantastic scooter. The 120mm wheels may be too large for very young or small riders but are the choice of all pro scooter riders and of most other riders these days.Envy Prodigy ClampWe get where Envy was going with the clamp. While we do not love double clamps, Envy was trying to save weight here. Envy makes some very stylish double clamps that look great on the scooter but we would have preferred to see a quad clamp, which has far superior clamping power to a double clamp. Scooter GripsAs most manufacturers did in 2018, Envy followed Root Industries lead and created the wildly popular mix grips, which are dual colored grips. Envy makes some soft grips that are very comfortable and now look better than ever. Envy grips all come standard with nylon bar ends.WeightThe Envy Prodigy Scooter weighs in at 8.15 pounds, making it a pretty light scooter despite the chromoly steel bars. Had Envy used aluminum bars, which you can switch over to fairly easily, they would have a very light scooter on their hands.The VerdictThe combination of high quality scooter components, top end scooter technology, great looks, and a very reasonable price point is a rare find, which makes the 2018 Envy Prodigy S6 Pro Scooter one of the, if not the, best deals of 2018. We sold more Envy Prodigy completes last year than all other brands combined, which speaks to Envys reputation to create the highest quality products in the scooter industry. Did we mention how good it looks, too? The combination of great looks, top end components, ease of maintenance, durability, and an insanely low price point make the Envy Prodigy our best-selling scooter 6 years running, and we do not expect that trend to stop as long as Envy continues to produce freestyle kick scooters.Need one?  You can purchase the 2018 Envy Prodigy S6 HERE.   Purchase any Envy Prodigy S6 complete scooter and we will throw in FREE GRIP TAPE and HEAVILY DISCOUNTED ROOT INDUSTRIES WHEELS.