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February 23, 2021 4 min read

We don't sell many entry level scooters for a couple of reasons.  The first being that it is nearly impossible to build a quality scooter that can be sold to the public for under $100.  The 2nd being that most people just shop for the lowest price point, completely ignoring scooter ride height, resulting in a 5'10" rider receiving a scooter that was intended for 4'0" 6 year olds.

With all that said, the Envy ONE S3 is so good that we make an exception and sell it almost solely in the entry level category.   Let's look at each of those points in a little more depth.


It's expensive to build a quality pro scooter.  When you think of a young kid's first scooter, most people's minds immediately go to a fold-up scooter that everyone has seen around their neighborhood.  The entry level fold-up comes in around $100 and, let's be real, is falling apart within a year of use.  Manufacturers have to sacrifice somewhere to to get a retail price on a scooter down to $100.  Think about it - there are a lot of people involved in the sale of a scooter, all of which need to make a buck to stay in business.  The manufacturer, the distributor, and the retailer.  With 3 parties involved, it's amazing that any manufacturer can even retail a scooter for $100.  In order to get a retail price point down to $100 or so, the manufacturer has to use the least expensive parts possible, which usually results in stuff like threaded compression and steel parts, which makes most of the parts incompatible with upgrades down the road and a very heavy scooter.

Okay, so the Envy ONE S3 pro scooter comes in at a tad over $100, at $109, but what you get for that price is truly unbelievable.  Everyone is familiar with the Envy ONE's big brother, the Envy Prodigy S8 pro scooter.  In 10 years in the scooter industry, the Envy Prodigy has been a perennial best seller year after year for the majority of those 10 years.  The previous generations of the Envy ONE were slightly less desirable than the Prodigy.  They sported 2 piece bars, tiny 100mm wheels, and decals that peeled off pretty easily, making it a scooter that kids quickly grew out of, even if they were the youngest of riders. 

The third generation of the Envy ONE pro scooter will blow you away.  Yes, it is still aimed at the entry level rider but gone are the cheap decals, the 100mm wheels, and the 2 piece bars.  The Envy ONE truly is a mini-me version of the Envy Prodigy S8.  Envy had to make some concessions on the Envy ONE to get the price down, but those concessions were not made in terms of quality.  Forks and bars are still steel to reduce cost.  But look at everything else that you get with the Envy ONE.  State of the art IHC compression, 110mm wheels, a reasonable bar height and deck width to fit a wide variety or riders.   While the deck is still just 19" long, it is a massive step up from most of the 17" decks that come on other manufacturer's entry level scooters.  Bars are 21.6" tall vs 18-19" tall bars on other entry level scooters.   By lengthening the deck slightly and making the bars a reasonable 21.6" tall, the Envy ONE S3 fits a wide variety of young riders.  Decks on other entry level scooters are usually 4 inches wide, which is very narrow.  The 4.75 inch wide ONE deck provides ample foot space for most young riders.  110mm wheels mean that you won't be upgrading your dinky 100mm wheels to 110's eventually.  And, when you do want to upgrade to larger wheels, you can because they Envy ONE deck works with a 125mm nylon brake (purchased separately).

One of the other things that we love about Envy is that, almost every year, they launch new color ways, keeping their pro scooters looking fresh.  While most other manufacturers cut costs by keeping the same color ways around for years, Envy keeps it fresh by switching them up ever year.  And the Envy ONE comes with 6, yes we said 6, two-tone color ways, giving every rider out there something to like.

The bottom line is that the Envy ONE is basically a mini Prodigy.  For $109, it is simply the best scooter that money can buy.  One other topic to note - we sell more Envy scooters than all other manufacturers combined and, drum roll please, receive fewer warranty claims on Envy than any other manufacturer that we sell.  Envy didn't cut corners on the Envy ONE - quality is 2nd to none and we expect that their extremely low warranty rate will continue, despite the entry level price of the Envy ONE pro scooter.



The 2nd reason that we don't love selling entry level scooters is that most people shop for the lowest price point.  When we sold every entry level scooter under the sun, we ended up with a lot of parents purchasing a 3 foot tall scooter for their 6'0" tall 16 year old, which resulted in a lot of returns.  We bring up this point for a reason - please do not just shop for price point when purchasing a new scooter.   If you want some guidance about other factors to consider BEFORE price, read on here.  Saving $20 on a scooter definitely isn't  worth the $30 - $40 shipping that you will pay to ship us the incorrectly sized scooter back and the additional $20 shipping charge to send you the new, correctly sized scooter.

With all of that said, we limit the entry level scooters that we sell.  And, because the Envy ONE offers so much more than any of its competitors at the same price point, it is one of the very few that we sell and the ONLY one that we recommend to all of our inquiring customers.