Pro scooter bars can be very confusing.  They come with or without a slit, in oversized or standard inner and outer diameters, in a plethora of heights and widths.   Before you purchase a freestyle scooter bar, select your compression, which will drive the inner and outer diameter, as well as whether or not you need a slit.

We'll give a you a general scooter bar purchase guide below.

Light Weight vs Durability

Pro scooter bars come in one of three materials: aluminum, steel, and titanium.  All have their advantages and disadvantages.


  • PRO: durable, cost effective
  • CON: heavy


  • PRO: light weight, cost effective
  • CON: snap easily with abuse


  • PRO: Light weight AND durable
  • CON: VERY expensive

Compression compatibility

  • SCS
    • standard or oversized outer diameter
    • standard or oversized inner diameter 
    • no slit
  • HIC
    • oversized outer diameter bars ONLY
    • oversized inner diameter bars ONLY
    • must have a slit
  • IHC
    • typically aluminum bars with slit (oversized OD, standard ID)
    • can be steel bars with slit (standard OD, standard ID)