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Lucky Speed Bearings

  • Lucky Speed bearings are comprised of 7 reliable, precision bearings. A rubber shield promotos less friction and ease of cleaning. Nylon ball retainers guarantee a high level of speed and strength. What does all of that mean - that Lucky's scooter bearings are very smooth and will make your whip faster than ever! Lucky scooter bearings have an ABEC 9 rating. The higher the bearing rating, the more precision it has, which makes it faster and smoother. Lucky bearings are compatible with PRO SCOOTER WHEELS of any diameter.

  • Lucky Speed Bearings Specifications

      • ABEC 9
      • light grease replaces standard oil, increasing bearing life
      • durable chrome steel spacers will not compress under high loads
      • includes 4 bearings and 2 spacers
      • Bearings require a bearing press for installation


          - SAME DAY SHIPPING (when ordered by 2pm CST)

            Scooter bearings come with an ABEC rating, which can vary from 3 – 11. The higher the ABEC rating, the faster the bearings are. Conventional wheels come with an 8mm axle, while 12 STD wheels come with a 12mm axle. The bearings have to slide over the deck and fork axles, which must coincide with the diameter of the hole in the center of the bearing. At SMOKIN SCOOTERS, we do not carry 12 STD so all bearings that we sell work with all wheels. If purchasing from another retailer, make sure that your bearings correspond to the axle size (8mm, 12mm) of the deck and forks that you are riding.

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        Amber Buffalo
        Amazing prices

        I got a great deal on a ton of accessories for my son’s scooter unfortunately while trying to be a cool mom while having a nosey preteen son he opened his xmas gift early everything was amazing but unfortunately I bought the wrong part and he threw everything away except for the part! I assumed since it looked like his old part and had the same name it would fit but I guess moms are not as cool as we think we are... I will definitely buy from them again but maybe not internal parts without checking with the boss, I mean my son..