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2020 has been different than any other year than we have ever experienced.  With that said, Christmas shopping will be no different this year.  In the scooter industry,we have seen unprecedented demand for pro scooters, causing several issues.  (1) Manufacturing cannot keep up with demand and (2) products cannot make their way to the US fast enough.  There simply isn't a supply chain in place that can support the world's current demand for kick scooters.  As a result, there are world wide shortages of complete kick scooters and parts.  With that in mind, we offer up the following tips when shopping for the holidays.


There are worldwide shortages of scooter products this year.  We expect that most of our most popular models, such as the Envy Prodigy S8 Pro Scooter, WILL BE SOLD OUT by the Tuesday following Cyber Monday.  At this point, it appears that most products will not be restocked until 2021 so, once we sell out, products such as the Envy Prodigy will not be available again until 2021. 


Shipping carriers, such as the US Postal Service, UPS, and FEDEX are completely overwhelmed this year for several reasons.  (1) Due to COVID-19, many shoppers have moved from shopping in brick and mortar stores to online.  Target, Walmart, BestBuy, Sams Club, etc will not be open Black Friday weekend, pushing all of that volume to the US Postal Service, UPS, and FEDEX.   The carriers are experiencing severe shipping delays - up to 10 business days.  Please, please, please - order early this year in order to receive your products by Christmas.

Believe it or not, we get asked every Christmas Eve if we can still get a product to customers by Christmas day.  Do not procrastinate this year.  While something ordered by December 15th SHOULD arrive by Christmas, we wouldn't gamble this year.  There's nothing worse than a disappointed kid on Christmas morning so order early this year!


While signature required used to mean that a driver will obtain a physical signature, the definition has changed during COVID.   A driver will confirm that some one is home to receive a package but will typically not obtain a physical signature, as they will not allow customers to sign with their fingers on their handheld devices.  A driver will typically ring your doorbell.  If they see that someone is home, they may not wait for you to come to the door.  If they cannot confirm that some one is home to receive the package, they will not deliver it.  


We know that shopping this time of the year is stressful and, in a world of instant gratification, we expect to be overwhelmed with emails this year asking "Where is my package?" when it doesn't arrive in 2 - 3 days, as expected in prior year.  Due to a massive increase in ecommerce shopping in 2020, EXPECT SIGNIFICANT SHIPPING DELAYS.  Just as you do not personally deliver the mail that you send, neither do we.  Once we have provided you with a tracking number, please follow up with the shipping carrier regarding the details and whereabouts of your shipment.  Expect delays and, quite frankly, be patient.  Calling us will result in a request to call the shipping carrier.  Calling the shipping carrier will result in a message that "your order is still in transit".  


We pride ourselves in getting our customers the best possible price on products 365 days a year.  Our prices are the most competitive in the industry.  We are going to be very transparent here.  Due to a massive demand for products and a shortage of those products due to supply chain issues, Black Friday deals will be sparce this year.  If you are holding off on purchasing a product until Black Friday weekend, please do not.  Our most popular products will not be discounted this year and may sell out before we even get to Thanksgiving.  While we will be offering discounts on many products Black Friday weekend, it is a risk waiting until then to purchase our most popular products.


We are currently handling several hundred orders per day.  While we are very good at our jobs, we are human and are not perfect.  I'm sorry to say that we occasionally get an order wrong.  We would prefer that you find an issue now so that we have time to correct it before Christmas.  PLEASE DON'T LET YOUR CHILD BE THE ONE TO FIND OUT THAT THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR ORDER ON CHRISTMAS MORNING.  We cannot resolve issues with orders on Christmas day and it will take several days to resolve an issue.


1) Please DO NOT include both a PO BOX and physical street address.

  • Completes, decks, and bars are shipped via UPS and require a physical address.
  • If you wish to ship small parts to a PO box, please do not include BOTH a PO box and physical address on your order.

2) Please enter your entire street address on shipping line 1.  Many customers are putting a street number on address line 1 and the street name on address line 2.  SHIPPING CARRIERS WILL RETURN YOUR ORDER TO US IF YOU SPLIT THE STREET NUMBER AND ADDRESS ON 2 LINES.

Your address should be entered as:

123 Main Street



Main Street


Customers often omit or truncate their phone number on an order.  We will not use your phone number for anything other than to contact you if there is an issue with your order.  The phone number is also used by the shipping carrier to contact you if there is an issue with your delivery.  IF YOU OMIT YOUR PHONE NUMBER:

1) We will refund your order if there is an issue and we cannot contact you.

2) If the shipping carrier attempts to contact you and cannot due to an invalid phone number, your order may be returned to us.  If an order is returned to us due to invalid contact information, we will issue a refund less the shipping charges originally incurred by us.

Similarly, email addresses are used to provide you with order confirmations, tracking numbers, order issues, etc.  Please double check your email address and verify that it is correct prior to submitting your order.