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If you are new to scootering, first off, we welcome you to a fantastic sport.   When you are new to scootering, it can be very difficult to know what size scooter to buy for your little rider (or big rider).   

When purchasing a new scooter, there are 2 very important considerations to take into account:

1) SCOOTER COMPRESSION - bars, clamps, and forks must all be compatible with your compression system.  If you don't know what compression is - read this article before you buy:

Scooter Compression Explained

2) RIDER HEIGHT -  Once you know what scooter compression you want to build your scooter around, scooter height is your next most important consideration.

As a general rule, your want your scooter to hit you mid-waist, an inch or so above your belly button.  The chart below is not absolute - some riders want taller/shorter bars than recommended dueto personal preference.

However, if you have not purchased a scooter before, use the chart below as a general guideline for selecting the appropriate scooter height, bar height, or deck length. 


Smokin Scooters Kick Scooter Sizing Chart