Addict Blacksmith Johann Moreau Deck

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Johann Moreau has been riding since 2002 and had his first signature scooter deck in Addict's first go-round in the US. Now he has his second pro signature scooter deck with the Blacksmith. With 14.7 inches of footspace, this deck is aimed at older, intermediate to pro riders.

Addict analyzed all of the best SCOOTER DECKS on the market, added their own innovations, and came up with the Addict Blacksmith Johann Moreau Deck. Scooter decks are the foundation of your freestyle scooter. This pro scooter deck is a concave deck made from heat-treated 6082 series aluminum that is 5.00W X 21.50L and weighs in at just 3.65 lbs. Featuring an integrated 83 degree headtube, the Blacksmith Johann Moreau Deck is compatible with wheels up to 110mm. Rear axle bolt, spacers, and brake included..

Amateur and intermediate riders want what the pro riders ride and that means picking up an integrated scooter deck. The Addict Blacksmith Johann Moreau Deck features an integrated headtube, which allows simple installation of the headset by simply sliding it into the headtube cups, as opposed to using specialized equipment to press it in, as you would on a standard scooter deck. Addict scooter decks are designed and tested by their pro team riders and, if It is good enough for them, it should definitely work for you.

Addict Blacksmith Johann Moreau Deck Specifications:

  • concave deck made from heat-treated 6082 series aluminum
  • integrated 83 degree headtube
  • 5.00W X 21.50L
  • compatible with wheels up to 110mm
  • 3.65 lbs
  • Available dimensions: 5.00W X 21.50L
  • Available colors:

Addict hasn't been around in the US for quite some time now but we're excited to announce that they are back. One of the first manufacturers that we sold, Addict was very popular back in the day and we expect they will be more popular than ever now that they are back.