Addict Classic T Bars

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  • Addict just added 2 new bars to their lineup, a street version and a park version. The Addict Classic T Bars are a great street bar, available available in 2 sizes and three color ways. Both versions of Addict's T bars are tall and were intended for the intermediate to pro scooter rider. Addict Classic T bars are HIC bars as sold but can be converted to SCS with the included shim.

    Classic T bars are 26.8" or 28.2" tall by 24.5" or 25" wide. PRO SCOOTER BARS that are 28+" Tall were designed for a select few riders who are either very tall or true pro riders. As a general rule, scooter bars should sit around waist height when standing on the deck. Addict HIC bars are 24-25.99" Wide. Although bar height and width are highly influenced by personal preference, as a general rule, bar width should be similar to the rider's shoulder width.

    Addict HIC bars are a T-Bar that Addict designed for Street riding. Your riding style determines the bar material that you should purchase: aluminum, steel, or titanium. Steel scooter bars are the choice of many street riders due to their durablity. The weld on a steel bar is much more durable than the weld of an aluminum bar and, as such, usually carries a 90 day warranty vs the standard 30 day warranty on an aluminum bar. If you just want a bar that is going to last, the Classic T bars is the bar for you. Scooter compression plays a very important role in deciding which pro scooter bar to buy. The Addict T bars come standard with a slit and are compatible with the following types of compression: HIC,TCS, SCS - with purchase of SCS adapter

  • Addict Classic T Bars Specifications

      • Height: 26.8" or 28.2"
      • Width: 24.5" or 25"
      • Weight: 3 Lbs./1.4kg
      • Downtube: Oversized
      • Outer Diameter: Oversized
      • Inner Diameter: Oversized
      • Compression: HIC Compatible, SCS with included shim
      • Slit: Yes
      • Includes Conversion Shim for SCS Compression

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