Addict Switchblade Forks - SCS


This fork shreds! It is strong, stiff, long lasting and perfect for demanding riders. Available in an HIC/ICS10 and a SCS version. (SCS doesn't need a SCS spacer). The HIC version has a threaded steel, M8 insert in the fork tube. Both model has integrated spacers and fit 24mm and 30mm wheels. Sold with all hardware for mounting for the different systems.

We stock more of the best scooter parts in the industry, including the Addict Switchblade Forks - SCS. And you know what? You won't find a better price on SCOOTER FORKS than at Smokin Scooters. Add any product to your shopping cart and you will find out quickly why more customers shop with Smokin Scooters than any other shop in the country. Made from 6068 series aluminum, Switchblade Forks - SCS are a one-piece threadless fork featuring an integrated starnut. Compatible with SCS compression ONLY, Addict Switchblade Forks - SCS have a 10mm offset and are compatible with wheels up to 110mm. Additional Features of these scooter forks are: Steerer tube length: 153mm.

Do you know what forks you should buy? It depends on the compression system that you want to run. If you land on HIC or SCS compression, the Addict Switchblade Forks - SCS are for you, as they are compatible with either SCS or HIC compression. Don't know which compression system to go with? That is easy – HIC or SCS, as they 2 of the most effective compression systems on the market. Which means you should pick up a set of Addict Switchblade Forks - SCS to go with the SCS or HIC compression system that you just decided to use.< p>

Addict Switchblade Forks - SCS Specifications:

  • Made from 6068 series aluminum
  • one-piece threadless fork featuring an integrated starnut
  • Steerer tube length: 153mm
  • Compatible with SCS compression ONLY
  • 10mm offset and are compatible with wheels up to 110mm
  • Available dimensions: Steerer tube length: 153mm
  • Available colors: BLACK, POLISHED

Addict hasn't been around in the US for quite some time now but we're excited to announce that they are back. One of the first manufacturers that we sold, Addict was very popular back in the day and we expect they will be more popular than ever now that they are back.