Aztek 2020 Fountain Complete Pro Scooter


The Aztek Fountain has always been a solid complete but jumps into 2020 with 2 hot new color ways: black/red and ivory/black.

The Aztek 2020 Fountain Complete Pro Scooter features IHC compression ,which has only been around for a couple of years now but quickly become the standard for manufacturers, as it reduces costs significantly by eliminating the need for a separate compression system. IHC features a compression bolt on top of the forks that compresses a shim onto your headset, creating one of the most effective compression systems on the market today. If you want a dialed kick scooter, IHC compression is the way to go. Free advice…use a little LocTite when tightening your compression bolt and you may never have to dial your stunt scooter in ever again.

Aztek 2020 Fountain Complete Pro Scooter Specifications:

  • 5.00W x 20.50L aluminum deck with 82.5 degree headtube; boxed-ends/dropouts
  • 22.00W X 26.00H Odyssey V2 Alloy SCS Bars
  • SCS compression to independently compress the bars and forks
  • Forged Aluminum Fork
  • 110mm Trilogy Wheels
  • Available dimensions: N/A
  • Available colors: BLACK/RED, IVORY/BLACK

AZTEK SCOOTERS sells some of the hottest pro scooter parts that money can buy. Aztek has been around for a while now and produces high quality scooter parts, from decks and bars to grips and clamps. They have everything you need to build a pro scooter, whether you ride street or park.