Aztek Chromo Pegs

Aztek Chromo Pegs were engineered to break the ledge and not your pegs. Made from 4130 chromoly steel, Chromo Pegs are highly durable. Aztek Chromo Pegs are Not compatible with Fountain, Siren, or Tesla XL Decks and axles and spacers are included.

Aztek Chromo Pegs are steel SCOOTER PEGS that were designed to work with Aztek decks. Chromo Pegs can be used with decks from other manufacturers but you will need to check the deck and fork widths to verify that the axles provided will fit properly. Steel scooter pegs, while heavier than aluminum, offer durability that aluminum scooter pegs cannot.

Aztek Chromo Pegs Specifications:

  • Made from 4130 chromoly steel
  • highly durable
  • Anodized finish
  • axles and spacers are included
  • Not compatible with Fountain, Siren, or Tesla XL Decks
  • Available dimensions: N/A
  • Available colors: BLACK, RAW

AZTEK SCOOTERS came out of nowhere but has taken the scooter world by storm. Aztek manufactures every product a pro rider needs to build a custom freestyle scooter. They even sell COMPLETE SCOOTERS at an extremely reasonable price point.