Aztek Ermine Wheels 110mm

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Ermine Wheels are the most beautiful wheels you can buy, built upon an ingenious core design. The twin-core spoked design removes all unnecessary material from the middle of the core for critical weight savings. Two-toned machined finish and light colorways (Black, Ivory, Aqua, and Ruby) give it a modern look. High-rebound, low-profile urethane keep these wheels responsive and fast rolling. Available in standard (110x24mm)

When most customers shop for pro scooter parts, they typically want to get the best price and the fastest shipping times. Well, you're in luck because we offer a low price guarantee on the Aztek Ermine Wheels 110mm and will ship them the same day if you purchase them during the week before 3pm CST. Made from 6061 series aluminum, Ermine Wheels 110mm are available in 110mm x 24mm. 88A urethane is a harder urethane that is more durable than softer urethanes. ABEC 9 Bearings ARE included. Ermine Wheels 110mm are sold in PAIRS.

Aztek Ermine Wheels 110mm are 110mm SCOOTER WHEELS. Aztek scooter wheels come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 100mm to 125mm. The larger the wheel, the faster it is. 100mm wheels are typically entry level wheels while 125mm are geared towards the pros who need speed for big air tricks. Ermine Wheels 110mm are compatible with forks and decks that fit 110mm wheels. Scooter wheels not only come in a variety of sizes but also hardness. 86a polyurethane hardness, or durometer, indicates a softer wheel that will provide more grip than an 88a durometer wheel, which has a harder polyurethane that lends to durability and speed. Softer scooter wheels are typically better for park riding, while harder wheels are geared more towards street riding.

Aztek Ermine Wheels 110mm Specifications:

  • Made from 6061 series aluminum
  • 110mm x 24mm
  • 88A urethane is a harder urethane that is more durable than softer urethanes
  • ABEC 9 Bearings ARE included
  • sold in PAIRS
  • Available dimensions: 110mm x 24mm
  • Available colors: AQUA, BLACK, IVORY, RUBY

AZTEK SCOOTERS is one of the hottest brands in the scooter industry right now. With some of the top pro riders in the world, like Dan Barrett and Logan Fuller, testing and using Aztek products, you can be sure that you are getting some of the highest quality pro scooter parts in the industry when you buy Aztek.