Aztek Grip Tape

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Less than 10 available!
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Need that little bit of extra grip to catch your whips perfectly? Look no further, the Aztek Griptape has an extra gritty design for the most precise catches, every time.

Aztek Grip Tape provides the scooter rider with grip under normal street riding conditions but, more importantly, when landing big air tricks at the park. Aztek grip tape also adds that much-needed style. Griptape sheets come in different lengths and may require.

Aztek Grip Tape Specifications:

  • provide much needed grip when landing tricks
  • adds style to your scooter
  • fits any scooter but may require cutting to fit properly
  • single sheet
  • 6.00W X 23.00L
  • Available dimensions: 6.00W X 23.00L
  • Available colors:

AZTEK SCOOTERS sells some of the hottest pro scooter parts that money can buy. Aztek has been around for a while now and produces high quality scooter parts, from decks and bars to grips and clamps. They have everything you need to build a pro scooter, whether you ride street or park.