Aztek Grips

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Aztek decided to design their new grip from the ground up with comfort and responsiveness in mind. They've calculated the optimal rib thickness for the perfect amount of softness. The horizontal ribs allow the vertical ribs to remain upright, staying soft no matter how hard you grip it. Contours towards the end of each side allow you to ride with your hands in the most ergonomic position. They're also 190mm in length, making them the longest grips for riding with your hands in any position you choose.

Aztek Grips are constructed of a proprietary grip compound for comfort and durability and have a classic mushroom style collapsible rib pattern which provides excellent shock-absorption and control. Aztek Grips are no flange SCOOTER GRIPS that come in at 7.5 inches long. Aztek Grips offer soft feel and the ultimate grip. Sold in pairs.

Aztek Grips are compatible with all SCOOTER BARS on the market except District bars. While Aztek scooter grips will work with any bar, the bar ends are too large for the small inner diameter of the District scooter bars. When using Grips with District bars, you will have to find a set of District bar ends to use with them.

Aztek Grips Specifications:

  • 7.5 inches long
  • no flange scooter grips
  • offer soft feel and the ultimate grip
  • bar ends included
  • Sold in pairs
  • Available dimensions: 7.5 inches long
  • Available colors: AQUA, BLACK, GUM, RED

AZTEK SCOOTERS came out of nowhere but has taken the scooter world by storm. Aztek manufactures every product a pro rider needs to build a custom freestyle scooter. They even sell COMPLETE SCOOTERS at an extremely reasonable price point.