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Aztek Lite Grips

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  • Aztek has an all new grip that was designed with functionality, simplicity, and weight savings in mind. Ribs are optimized for softness and sweat-wicking. Tighter fit than usual to keep them from slipping on your bars. Perfect for the rider looking to build the lightest scooter possible. Aztek Grips are 6.5" PRO SCOOTER GRIPS. Aztek Scooter Grips are a 6 inch grip, which is a pretty standard grip length that will fit just about every scooter bar on the market. The Aztek Lite Grips have the best of both worlds - durability and a super soft and comfortable feel.

  • Aztek Lite Grips Specifications

      • 6.5 inches long
      • no flange scooter grips
      • offer soft feel and the ultimate grip
      • bar ends included
      • Sold in pairs
      • Available colors: AQUA, BLACK, RED, WHITE


          - SAME DAY SHIPPING (when ordered by 2pm CST)

            When purchasing grips for your scooter, make sure that new grips have bar ends that are compatible with your bars - aluminum or steel. Steel bars have a wider inner diameter in the cross bar than aluminum bars. Unless you have an air gun to remove and install the grips, you will most likely need to cut off the old grips and install the new ones with a little bit of soap and water. Alternatively, your local scooter or bike shop most likely has the proper equipment to remove and install your new grips.

        Customer Reviews

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        Collin Jensen
        Outstanding grips

        The best grips I have ever used, they are very comfortable and long lasting but the bar ends were to big for my bars.