Aztek Siren V2 Deck

The Aztek Siren V2 deck is a huge improvement over the deck that changed scootering, the 6 inch wide Siren V1. A progressive molding technique of the headtube allows for maximum weight removal, a huge improvement in strength, and finally an increase in noseblunt space. Aztek has redesigned the dropouts for even smoother grinds and more weight removal. The huge 6 inch width of the deck gives you the most control you could possibly attain on a pro scooter. Weighing nearly 25 percent less than comparable decks, it allows for all kinds of tricks, while still maintaining the optimal grinding surface. The Siren V2 is the premium deck for progressive street scooter riding.

The Aztek Siren V2 Deck features an integrated headtube, which means that your headset simply slides into the integrated headtube cups. The Siren V2 Deck requires an integrated headset and can only be used with threadless forks. Integrated SCOOTER DECKS are much preferred over standard scooter decks due to the ease of installation and removal of the integrated headset. Aztek scooter decks are known for their high quality and super light weight.

Aztek Siren V2 Deck Specifications:

  • concave deck made from heat-treated 6082 series aluminum
  • integrated 83 degree cold forged headtube
  • 6.00W X 22.00L or 23.00L
  • compatible with wheels up to 125mm (includes spaces for 24mm and 30mm wheels)
  • 4.2 lbs
  • Available dimensions: 6.00W X 22.00L or 23.00L
  • Available colors: BLACK, RAW

AZTEK SCOOTERS is one of the hottest brands in the scooter industry right now. With some of the top pro riders in the world, like Dan Barrett and Logan Fuller, testing and using Aztek products, you can be sure that you are getting some of the highest quality pro scooter parts in the industry when you buy Aztek.