Aztek Templar Forks

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The Templar fork utilizes all the same technology as the Circa V2 Fork, but updated to fit 115x30 mm wheels. The Templar fork is the lightest 115x30 mm fork ever made, by far, at 169 grams. Being one of the only forged forks created from a 7075 aluminum alloy also makes this fork nearly indestructible. 3D stress analysis allows all unnecessary material to be removed, allowing for a design that optimizes both strength and weight. Includes an 8mm compression bolt and cap. Note: Does not included spacers for 24mm wide wheels. For a 110x24 mm fork, check out the Circa V2 Fork!

Aztek Templar Forks work with either SCS or HIC compression. SCS/HIC forks come with either an integrated star nut or a top cap that screws into the top of the forks. Forks with an integrated star nut work great with either HIC or SCS compression but forks like the Tilt Legacy forks, which have a top cap are the most effective forks you can buy to use in conjunction with SCS compression. We highly recommend any HIC/SCS forks for 2 reasons: (1) you don't have to install a star nut, which can be a huge pain and (2) SCS and HIC compression are the two most effective compression systems on the market.

Aztek Templar Forks Specifications:

  • 7075-T6 Cold-Forged Aluminum Construction; compatible with 115x30 wheels (spacers for 24mm wheels not included)
  • one-piece threadless fork featuring an integrated starnut
  • Steerer tube length: 153mm
  • Compatible with HIC and SCS compression ONLY
  • 10mm offset and are compatible with wheels up to 110mm
  • Available dimensions: Steerer tube length: 153mm
  • Available colors: AQUA, BLACK, IVORY, RUBY

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