Drone Logo Grip Tape

Drone Logo Grip Tape is a really popular option among riders looking to purchase pro SCOOTER GRIP TAPE. If you are looking to freshen up your freestyle scooter, Drone Logo Grip Tape is a great choice, as it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Not only does Logo Grip Tape ultimate grip that looks cool, scooter grip tape also adds style to your scooter. Drone Logo Grip Tape fits any scooter but may require cutting to fit properly. Logo Grip Tape comes in 4.70W X 19.70L and is sold as a single sheet.

Drone Logo Grip Tape provides the scooter rider with grip under normal street riding conditions but, more importantly, when landing big air tricks at the park. Drone grip tape also adds that much-needed style. Griptape sheets come in different lengths and may require.

Drone Logo Grip Tape Specifications:

  • ultimate grip that looks cool
  • adds style to your scooter
  • fits any scooter but may require cutting to fit properly
  • single sheet
  • 4.70W X 19.70L
  • Available dimensions: 4.70W X 19.70L
  • Available colors:

DRONE SCOOTERS is a UK brand that we think is going to do great in the US. Drone makes some of the best looking scooter components on the market today. We are sure to start seeing Drone products all over skate parks across America.