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Downside Scooter Pegs
Downside Scooter Pegs

Downside Scooter Pegs

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Downside Scooter Pegs are really light weight but bolts are made of high tensile chromoly steel for ultimate strength and durability. ALL SALES FINAL - CLOSEOUT PRICING - NO WARRANTY, Scooter Pegs are Made from aircraft grade aluminum. Downside Scooter Pegs are sold in pairs and axles and spacers are included.

Should you buy aluminum or steel pegs? It depends. Are you interested in keeping the weight of your scooter as low as possible? Are your pegs to make your scooter look cool or are you actually going to be catching a ledge at the skate park? Downside Scooter Pegs are aluminum pegs that will keep the weight to a minimum on your scooter but won't be as durable as a steel peg. If you're thrashing your pegs at the park, pick up a set of steel pegs. Otherwise, Downside Scooter Pegs are probably the perfect pegs for you.

Downside Scooter Pegs Specifications:

  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • very light weight
  • axles and spacers are included
  • sold in pairs
  • Available dimensions: N/A
  • Available colors: BLACK, NEOCHROME, SILVER

DOWNSIDE SCOOTERS is a relatively new brand to the US but has been selling very well now in Australia for about 5 years. Downside produces high quality scooter components that look great.