Envy KOS Soul S6 Complete Scooter

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  • The 6th generation of the Envy KOS Soul may just be the greatest street pro scooterever assembled. Envy's KOS range has been a long-time best seller but the 6th gen of the Envy Soul improves upon its predecessors with a slightly larger/wider stealth black boxed KOS deck, taller T bars, and those irresistable one-off hologram hollow core 120mm wheels.

    The Envy KOS Soul S6 Pro Scooter is built around a 4.9" by 20.5" deck with an 82.5 degree headtube angle. Because the deck does not have boxed ends, we consider the Soul S6 deck to be a park deck but it's equally at home at the skatepark or in your hood. PRO SCOOTER DECKS that are 20-20.99" long will be ideal for intermediate to pro riders that have been in the sport for a while or for those scooter riders that need a little more footspace. The Envy KOS Soul features oversized outer diameter T-Bars that are 25.5" tall by 22.8" wide. Bars this size are ideal for riders who are 5 to 5.5 feet tall. Bars and forks are tied together via an IHC compression system, which is a favorite among pro scooter riders. Finally, the Envy KOS Soul rolls on 120mm x 26mm wheels, which are very fast and used by most pro riders. Please note that the Envy KOS Soul wheels have 26mm polyurethane but a 24mm core. 26mm PU works with decks/forks that have 24mm spacers but the PU may be a tight squeeze when installing them. You can also swap out the 26mm pu, 24mm core wheels for 24mm pu and 24mm core without issue.

  • Envy KOS Soul S6 Complete Scooter Specifications

      • 4.90W x 20.50L integrated deck with forged headtube and boxed ends
      • 22.80W X 25.50H chromoly steel Envy Soul oversized bars
      • 2 bolt 6061 forged alumium clamp with 6mm bolts
      • Declare V2 aluminum IHC forks compatible with 125mm x 26mm wheels
      • 120mm x 30mm clear pu hollow core wheels 86A PU

      Pro Kick Scooters for ages 12 and up

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    Worth every penny

    Every time I bought this pro scooter on March 4 2021 I was coming from a long ride from work and I thought to myself I need a pro scooter so then I asked one of the workers in the store and said which one is the best one you got for me and he said this one and then I just had to get it


    Envy KOS Soul S6 Complete Scooter

    Envy KOS Soul 6

    I love all the details, the bars, it's light weight, it's a perfect fit. I highly recommend this scooter

    The box deck can turn into a park deck if needed

    "This is a very solid scooter, very impressive"


    "Great scooter"