Envy Prodigy Oversized Double Clamp

  • The Envy Prodigy clamp comes straight off our best selling pro scooter for 8 years running, the Envy Prodigy. At 3 ounces, the Prodigy clamp is one of the lightest scooter clamps on the market. It will reduce weight AND make your whip look great!Prodigy clamp is a pro scooter clamp that Envy created for , who rides pro scooters for Envy. The Envy Prodigy clamp is a double clamp. Double clamps are super light weight and the choice of most pro scooter riders, whether they ride street or park. Double clamps only have 2 bolts to compress your bars around your forks so, while they are effective, a triple or quad clamp will provide more clamping power and reduce the frequency with which you will have to tighten your clamp bolts. The Prodigy clamp includes a shim and works with both oversized and standard outer diameter PRO SCOOTER BARS with a slit. The Envy Prodigy double clamp includes M8 bolts for maximum clamping power. M8 bolts are much less likely to strip than M6 bolts. It is a good practice with any compression bolt to tighten each bolt 1/2 turn at a time, one bolt at a time, until all bolts are completely tight. The Envy Prodigy clamp works with the following types of compression: IHC,ICS,ICS10,HIC,TCS.

  • Envy Prodigy Oversized Double Clamp Specifications

      • Double clamps are very light weight and are the choice of most pro scooter riders who rider IHC or HIC compression. May require more frequent tightening than a triple or quad clamp.
      • fits BOTH standard and oversized bars (shim included)
      • made of 6061 series aluminum
      • CNC machined to reduce weight
      • 1.875"

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    It’s the best clamp I have ever had , love the color to

    Envy Prodigy Oversized Double Clamp

    Beautiful color. Fit perfect

    Really good

    It’s just a clamp nothing more than that but really sick

    Excellent product and service

    We ordered this as a birthday gift. It was affordable and shipped right away. We had the item in plenty of time for the party. Thank you!


    You guys are great rapid response with text very accommodating keep up the great work☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆