Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Scooter

  • What makes the Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Scooter an icon in the pro scooter industry?

    The Prodigy is an icon in the scooter industry and the benchmark that all other manufacturers aim for when attempting to combine quality, rider fit, and looks. What we are amazed by is how Envy keeps making the Prodigy better and better every year! This year there are two highlights. The first is the move from chromoly bars to aluminum bars, making an already light freestyle scooter one of the lightest, if not the lightest, pro scooter money can buy. At under 8 pounds, we dare you to find a lighter trick scooter on the market. The 2nd highlight may be the bigger news, as demand for a street version of the Prodigy has resulted in the Envy Prodigy Street Edition, with taller T bars and subtle, yet tantalizing, color ways. We expect this to be the year of the Prodigy with 8, yes 8, color ways to choose from(includes both OG and Street Edition)! The Prodigy also sets the benchmark for quality. We sell more of this pro scooter than all other manufacturer’s scooters combined and receive less warranties on the Prodigy than any other scooter we sell. It’s that good! Bottom line? If you want the best looking, highest quality, and most affordable pro scooter on the market, look no further than the Prodigy S8!

    What sets the Envy Prodigy S8 apart from the Colt and KOS models?

    The Envy Colt is one of the hottest entry level freestyle scooters around but has a smaller deck and bar dimension than the Prodigy, making it perfect for the younger street crowd. The KOS range has the largest deck and bars of all Envy models, putting the Prodigy S8 right in the middle. Because the Prodigy bar and deck dimensions fit riders from all but the youngest beginners, it is the most popular pro scooter in the Envy lineup, whether you ride park or street. We mentioned that it features ALL of the pro scooter parts found on the KOS lineup (now including aluminum bars) for nearly $100 less, which is really what makes it the most popular scooter in the world among riders from beginners to pros. The Prodigy boasts 120mm spoked core wheels and IHC compression, both of which are pro scooter parts found on the KOS lineup. With the addition of aluminum bars, the Prodigy trims weight in the 8th series, making it one of the lightest scooters on the planet! Other than the spoked core wheels, rather than the hollow cores found on the KOS range, the only thing that differentiates the Prodigy from its big brother is bar and deck dimensions. Did we mention that the Prodigy has 6 brilliant color ways that, we believe, are some of the most innovative in the industry!

    Where is the Envy Prodigy intended to be ridden – Street or Park?

    We find that most buyers of the Prodigy are beginner riders who are graduating to an intermediate pro scooter, or intermediate riders, which puts them in the 8 – 14 age group. As such, the younger half of that crowd is riding on the street. But the Prodigy S8 was really made for the skate park. As riders get more comfortable and their skillset grows, many of the younger street riders venture out to their local skate parks while seasoned veterans pick up the Envy Prodigy to assault the skate parks. The Envy Prodigy S8 is right at home doing both, whether cruising the neighborhood with your buddies or throwing down some big air like our boy Raymond Warner!

    Assembly Instructions – Envy Prodigy

    Your Prodigy will arrive in two parts. The deck, forks, wheels, and headset have all been pre-assembled. The bars, grips, and clamp have also been assembled. Within 5 minutes of opening your new pro scooter, you can be headed out to the skate park. Simply slide the bars over the fork steerer tube, straighten the bars to lineup with your front wheel, and tighten the 2 clamp bolts. When tightening the clamp bolts, tighten the top clamp bolt one turn, then tighten the bottom clamp bolt one turn. Repeat the tightening process until both bolts are tight. Do not overtighten, as overtightening may strip the clamp bolts.

    Envy Pro Scooter Warranty

    Envy includes a 12 month manufacturers warranty on hardware failure excluding wear and tear. All warranties will be void if this product is modified in any way. This includes using after-market products, poor maintenance, abuse or misuse.

    Current offers on the Envy Prodigy S8

    The Prodigy S8 is a current year model freestyle scooter. All current year model pro scooters may be added to your shopping cart to obtain our best price. Envy typically closes out current model scooters in November when the new model year is released, at which point we will offer closeout pricing.

  • Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Scooter Specifications

      • DECK: 6 Series aluminum Prodigy deck | NEW forged headtube | angle 82.5° | 4.72W x 19.50L |Bolt on Nylon Brake system | Integrated headset
      • BARS: NEW: Super light weight aluminum bars with hologram graphics 20.50W x 24.40H
      • CLAMP: 2 Bolt Prodigy Clamp | 6mm bolts
      • FORKS: 6 Series aluminum Forged Prodigy IHC fork- Compatible with up to 125 x 30mm wheels
      • WHEELS: 120 mm x 24mm Spoked Core wheels | 86A PU | ABEC 9 bearings
      • GRIP TAPE: High Quality Griptape
      • GRIPS: TPR Handgrips 6.3 inches long with Nylon bar ends
      • MORE FEATURES: Nylon front plate and rear inserts
      • WEIGHT: 7.8lbs | HEIGHT: 34.6 inches | LENGTH: 26.8 inches | LENGTH: 26.8 inches | FOOT SPACE: 13.4 inches
      The Envy Prodigy S8 will be our best-selling scooter of 2020! Bold prediction? Hardly, the Envy Prodigy has been our best-selling pro scooter for 7 years running and we do not expect that to change this year!
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    Customer Reviews

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    I purchased an Envy Prodigy S8 complete scooter for a Christmas gift for my son. The order was fulfilled and delivered quickly. When I mentioned that I paid for a signature (wanted to make sure package wasn't left outside) and the delivery person did not ask for a signature, the owner refunded my extra charge without my asking. The scooter was simple to put together and within 5 minutes, my son was outside practicing his tail-whips. He is loving his scooter and has asked to go to skate parks on a daily basis. I would definitely order from this company again and recommend to anyone.

    Envy prodigy s8

    Didn’t get it here but it’s the best scooter ever 13 year old 5 foot 9 loves the new scoot


    Envy Prodigy S8 Complete Scooter

    Very fast!

    Very pleased. Came very fast and had no hassles!


    It’s a Christmas gift