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Envy Prodigy S8 Pro Scooter - Scratch

  • Each year, one of the Prodigy S8 color ways stands out from all of the rest. This year, the Prodigy S8 Scratch color way is the runaway favorite. The quad-tone fade from green to blue to purple to red is stunning and really stands out from the crowd when you get it to the skate park. So scratch that scooter itch and pick up the Scratch Prodigy S8. The Envy Prodigy has been our best-selling pro scooter for 7 years running and we do not expect that to change this year! The Envy Prodigy is the benchmark pro scooter that all other manufacturers aim for when attempting to combine quality, rider fit, and looks. What we are amazed by is how Envy keeps making the Prodigy better and better every year! This year there are two highlights. The first is the move from chromoly bars to aluminum bars, making an already light freestyle scooter one of the lightest, if not the lightest, pro scooters money can buy. At under 8 pounds, we dare you to find a lighter trick scooter on the market. The 2nd highlight may be the bigger news, as demand for a street version of the Prodigy has resulted in the Envy Prodigy Street Edition, with taller T bars and subtle, yet tantalizing, color ways. We expect this to be the year of the Prodigy with 8, yes 8, color ways to choose from (includes both OG and Street Edition)! The Prodigy also sets the benchmark for quality. We sell more of this pro scooter than all other manufacturer's scooters combined and receive less warranties on the Prodigy than any other scooter we sell. It's that good! Bottom line? If you want the best looking, highest quality, and most affordable pro scooter on the market, look no further than the Prodigy S8!

    The Envy Prodigy S8 pro scooter is built around a 4.72" by 19.5" deck with an 82.5 degree headtube angle. Because the deck does not have boxed ends, we consider the Envy Prodigy pro scooter deck to be a park deck but it's equally at home at the skatepark or in your hood. PRO SCOOTER DECKS that are 19-19.99" long will be ideal for intermediate to pro riders that have been in the sport for a while or for those scooter riders that need a little more footspace. The Envy Prodigy S8 features oversized outer diameter Y-Bars that are 24.4" tall by 20.5" wide. Bars this size are ideal for riders who are 5 to 5.5 feet tall. Bars and forks are tied together via an IHC compression system, which is a favorite among pro scooter riders. Finally, the Envy Prodigy S8 rolls on 120mm x 24mm wheels, which are very fast and used by most pro riders.

  • Envy Prodigy S8 Pro Scooter - Scratch Specifications

      • Bar Dimensions: 24.5" x 21.25"
      • Bar Material: Aluminum
      • Bar Diameter: Oversized
      • Deck Compatibility: Up to 125mm
      • Deck Dimensions: 19.5" x 4.7"
      • Compression: IHC
      • Headtube Angle: 82.5
      • Wheel Size: 120mm
      • Wheel Urethane Rating: 86a PU
      • Fork: Material: 6061 Aluminum
      • Fork Compatibility: Up to 125mm / 30mm 

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