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Envy Pro Scooter Stand


    If your parents are tired of your scooter laying around the garage, you need to tell them about the Envy scooter stand. For less than $10, you can do your parents a huge favor and give them their whole parking spot back. The Envy scooter stand allows your scooter to stand up next to the wall, saving a ton of space in the garage. The Envy scooter stand was designed to work with scooter wheels with a 24mm core but will, of course, work with Envy's 26mm wide PU wheels that sit on a 24mm core. The 24mm version of the stand will ONLY work with 24mm wheels. The new 30mm stand will work with BOTH 24mm and 30mm wide wheels. The Envy stand was designed to work with 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm diameter wheels.