Envy Scooter Stand

  • If your parents are tired of your scooter laying around the garage, you need to tell them about the Envy scooter stand. For less than $10, you can do your parents a huge favor and give them their whole parking spot back. The Envy scooter stand allows your scooter to stand up next to the wall, saving a ton of space in the garage. The Envy scooter stand was designed to work with scooter wheels with a 24mm core but will, of course, work with Envy's 26mm wide PU wheels that sit on a 24mm core. The Envy stand will not work for unconventional scooter wheel sizes, such as 28mm or 30mm wide. The Envy stand was designed to work with 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm diameter wheels.

Customer Reviews

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It’s legit

Worth the $10. For sure.

Envy Scoot Stand

Thank you for the note. With regard to the scotter stand, it was never received.

However, I mistakenly ordered the scootter with delivery to a second home. Once I noticed I had mistakenly requested delivery to the wrong address, I contacted the company and they went out of their way to send the scooter to a corrected address, so that it would arrive before X-mas.

I am forever thankful for their effort to insure product receipt before X-mas, so that my child would receive the only requested x-mas gift, on time.

Thank you
Tony D.

Great products

The items I ordered for my grandson arrived on time. They are very good quality. Will shop again!

Best scooter

My 9 year old boy received it as a Christmas presente. It was not in his list but it came out to be his favorite presente after all.  Best scooter!! 

Smokin Awesome Scooter

My son loves his scooter! The service was amazing when I received personal, immediate response on our order mix up. Very satisfied with the service and quality of equipment.