Envy Street Pegs

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Envy is adding more and more street parts to their lineup, including the Envy Street pegs. These SCOOTER PEGS offer the best of both worlds in terms of light weight and durability, as the base is made of aluminum, while the outer shell is made of steel.

Envy Street Pegs were designed to withstand both park and street style riding. Aluminum base for light weight, steel casing for durability, Street Pegs are Front peg - short; Rear Peg - long. Envy Street Pegs are sold in pairs and axles sold separately.

If you're a pro rider catching a ledge at the park after a radical trick, you need some steel pegs like the Envy Street Pegs. Steel pegs are more durable than aluminum pegs and hold up better to skate park abuse. If you've got to have the lightest pegs on the market, go with aluminum, otherwise Envy Street Pegs will be a great choice for the skate park.

Envy Street Pegs Specifications:

  • Aluminum base for light weight, steel casing for durability
  • Front peg - short; Rear Peg - long
  • anodized finish
  • axles sold separately
  • sold in pairs
  • Available dimensions: N/A
  • Available colors: BLACK, BLACK/CHROME

ENVY SCOOTERS, also known as Blunt Scooters in Europe, is a global brand that continues develop some of the hottest scooters in the industry. With pro riders like Ray Warner riding Envy scooters around the world in pro competitions, Envy has become one of the most popular brands in the scooter industry today. Making high quality scooter components at an affordable price for riders from the beginner to pro levels is what Envy does best.