Envy Tri Bearing Wheels

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  • Envy Scooters was not the first to market with 30mm wheels but they take the all new Tri Bearing wheels to new heights with loads of innovation. 30mm wide, 3 bearings, and tread on the polyurethane gives you more grip than any other wheel on the market. The 3rd bearing more evenly distributes impact when landing and, did we mention, they just look killer? Please note that, when converting to a 30mm wheel, you will also need 30mm deck spacers and your forks must be able to accomodate 30mm wide wheels.

    Envy PRO SCOOTER WHEELS are 86A PU, which means that Envy intended them to be ridden at the park because they are softer and provide more grip than 88A wheels. Envy Tri bearings wheels are 30mm wide at the core and should be used with 30mm wheels spacers. The PU width is 30mm. Most PRO SCOOTER FORKS and decks were designed to handle a 24mm wheel core. 30mm wheels are the new favorite of pro scooter riders due to their massive grip. While they are going to feel a little strange at first if you are used to riding 24mm wide wheels, you will soon learn to love the massive grip that they offer! But beware, since 30mm wheels are relatively new to market, make sure both your deck and forks can handle a 30mm wide wheel.Envy pro scooter wheels have a 120mm outer diameter, making them perfect for the intermediate to pro riders who are looking for maximum speed for big air park tricks. While 115mm and 125mm are only produced by a few scooter manufacturers, 120mm wheels are the norm now on any intermeidate to pro freestyle scooter. Envy wheels come standard with pre-installed bearings.

  • Envy Tri Bearing Wheels Specifications

      • Made from 6061 series aluminum
      • 120mm x 30mm
      • First 30mm wheel with tread provides maximum grip
      • Three bearings included to more evenly distribute landing impact
      • sold in PAIRS

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    Envy Tri Bearing Wheels

    Great wheels!

    A little expensive, but so far I think it is worth it

    Nice wheels

    The wheels are really nice but too large for the scooter. We will exchange them for another set.

    Awesome product, Fast delivery

    Super greatful for fast delivery in time for Christmas. Best prices too. I love this store!