Ethic 12 STD SCS/HIC Pro Scooter Pack

12 STD is starting to become more mainstream these days and Ethic has created an affordable starter pack to get riders to convert over. The Ethic 12 STD pack includes an Iconoclast deck, Nemesis 12 STD forks, an integrated Ethic headset, 125mm x 30mm 12 STD Calypso wheels, leaving you to pick up bars, a clamp and your preference of SCS or HIC compression. At $299, this 12 STD starter pack is the perfect way to convert over on a budget. What is 12 STD and who should ride it? 12 STD uses 12mm fork and deck axles versus the conventional 8mm axles, which means that larger axles, bearings, and wheels are more durable and less likely to break or bend than conventional 8mm axles. If you are new to the sport, this probably isn't for you, as 99% of the scooter parts on the market today are conventional 8mm and you may run into compatibility issues when mixing/matching parts. If you are intermediate to pro and ride hard, really hard, then the 12 STD pack just may be for you. If, for some reason, you want to convert back to the conventional 8mm axles, 8mm spacers are included but 8mm deck and forks axles must be PURCHASED SEPARATELY.

The 12 STD Starter Pack is built around a 4.9" by 22.4" deck with an 83 degree headtube angle. Because the deck does not have boxed ends, we consider the 12 STD kit deck to be a park deck but it's equally at home at the skatepark or in your hood. PRO SCOOTER DECKS that are 22-22.99" long will be ideal for intermediate to pro riders that have been in the sport for a while or for those scooter riders that need a little more footspace. The Ethic 12 STD SCS/HIC Pro Scooter Pack features outer diameter s that are by . Bars this size are ideal for Bars and forks are tied together via an SCS,HIC,TCS compression system, which is a favorite among pro scooter riders. Finally, the Ethic 12 STD SCS/HIC Pro Scooter Pack rolls on 125mm x 30mm wheels, which are very fast and used by most pro riders.

Ethic 12 STD SCS/HIC Pro Scooter Pack Specifications

    • Iconoclast 12 STD Deck 4.875 in Wide x 22.5 in Long
    • 12 STD SCS/HIC Nemesis Fork
    • Integrated Headset
    • 125mm 12 STD Calypso Wheels 30mm Wide PU
    • 8mm Axle Compatible Spacers Included
    • Suggested Skill level: Intermediate to Pro

    Pro Kick Scooters for ages 12 and up

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