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Ethic Basic Integrated Pro Scooter Headset

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  • Ethic manufacturers 2 headsets for riders. For most riders, the Basic headset is sufficient. With sealed bearings to keep water and dirt out, the Ethic headset is buttery smooth. For those riders not on a budget, spring for the silicone version of the Ethic's headset, which reduces vibration and weight. It's one of the smoothest PRO SCOOTER HEADSETS that money can buy! The Ethic headset is the headset of choice for a bunch of pro scooter riders. Whether you ride park or street, Ethic made the Ethic integrated headset just for you. Ethic scooter headsets are the cream of the crop, super smooth, making barspins effortless. With sealed bearings, the Ethic Basic headset is ridiculously smooth and was built to last. The Ethic headset may just be the most important overlooked part that you need to add to your pro scooter.

  • Ethic Basic Integrated Pro Scooter Headset Specifications

      • Weight: 2.5oz incl hardware
      • Dust Cover Material: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
      • Pinch Ring Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
      • Crown Race Material: Steel
      • 1 1/8" Threadless integrated headset
      • Included: Dust cover, pinch ring, bearings, and crown race
      • Available colors: BLACK, BLACK CHROME, BLUE, NEOCHROME, RED


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            Headsets contain the bearings that sit in your scooter deck upper and lower headtube cups, which allow your forks and bars to spin in unison. There are two types of headsets – integrated and standard. Very few scooters these days are made with standard headsets. In fact, we don’t even sell them since every deck on our site is an integrated deck. On our site, all headsets work with all decks since they are all integrated. On other sites, verify that your headset and deck are either both standard or both integrated.