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Ethic Pro Scooter Grip Tape

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  • Ethic logo grip tape comes in a standard grit. At 4.9 inches by 21.3 inches long, Ethic grip tape will fit most decks on the market today but check the width and length of your deck to be sure. At $2.95, you won't be able to find a better deal on grip tape. Ethic Griptape is 4.9" wide by 21.3" long and fits a wide variety of PRO SCOOTER DECKS but may need to be cut to fit your exact deck. Whether you ride park or street, Ethic made Ethic Scooter Grip Tape just for you. The standard grit of the Ethic Grip Tape provides the perfect amount of grip for the street and sufficient grip for beginner to intermediate park riders. Pro riders may want to up the game with heavy duty grit. Ethic Scooter Griptape is an affordable way to trick up your pro scooter and make it stand out from the crowd at the skate park. If you want to look good while you keep sure footing, Ethic Standard Grit griptape is the griptape of choice for you!

  • Ethic Pro Scooter Grip Tape Specifications

      • heavy duty grit for maximum grip
      • adds style to your scooter
      • fits any scooter but may require cutting to fit properly
      • single sheet
      • 4.90W X 21.30L
      • Available colors: HEAVY DUTY GRIT, STANDARD GRIT


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            Decks vary vastly in size so, if you are swapping out grip tape, make sure that it is approximately the same size as your deck. Larger sheets of grip tape may have to be cut down to fit your deck, while smaller sheets may not fit a larger deck. In other words, we don’t recommend buying smaller sheets of grip tape for a large deck. You can always buy a large sheet of grip tape for a smaller deck but it may require cutting to get it to fit properly.