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Ethic Pro Scooter Bearings

  • Ethic bearings are compatible with any diameter wheel from 100mm to 125mm and fit standard 8mm axles. If you ride 12 STD (12mm axle), pick up the Ethic's 12 STD version of these bearings. Ethic scooter bearings have an ABEC 9 rating. The higher the bearing rating, the more precision it has, which makes it faster and smoother. Ethic bearings are compatible with PRO SCOOTER WHEELS of any diameter.

  • Ethic Pro Scooter Bearings Specifications

      • ABEC 9
      • include 4 bearings and 2 spacers compatible with an 8mm axle


          - SAME DAY SHIPPING (when ordered by 2pm CST)

            Scooter bearings come with an ABEC rating, which can vary from 3 – 11. The higher the ABEC rating, the faster the bearings are. Conventional wheels come with an 8mm axle, while 12 STD wheels come with a 12mm axle. The bearings have to slide over the deck and fork axles, which must coincide with the diameter of the hole in the center of the bearing. At SMOKIN SCOOTERS, we do not carry 12 STD so all bearings that we sell work with all wheels. If purchasing from another retailer, make sure that your bearings correspond to the axle size (8mm, 12mm) of the deck and forks that you are riding.