Ethic Steel Pegs


Designed to help riders grind with ease while staying in control. Ethic Steel Pegs are super lightweight. These SCOOTER PEGS are great for riders who are looking to have the lightest scooter possible. Made from 4130 chromoly steel, Steel Pegs are highly durable. Ethic Steel Pegs are sold in pairs and axles and spacers are included.

We recommend steel pegs for any rider that is actually going to use them and the Ethic Steel Pegs are one of the better examples out on the market today. Ethic Steel Pegs are premium scooter pegs that are very durable and will hold up to a significant amount of abuse. While a steel peg is a little heavier than an aluminum peg, it is much more durable. If you're a street rider or just looking for a cool look for your scooter, stick with the lightweight aluminum pegs.

Ethic Steel Pegs Specifications:

  • Made from 4130 chromoly steel
  • highly durable
  • Anodized finish
  • axles and spacers are included
  • sold in pairs
  • Available dimensions: N/A
  • Available colors: BLACK, BLUE, POLISHED, RED

ETHIC SCOOTERS has quickly become one of our favorite manufacturers in the industry. Why? Nothing that they design looks like anything else in the scooter industry. From their beautiful and edgy decks to their wild, in both name and style, bars, Ethic scooter components will make your scooter look like no one else's at the skate park.