Friendly Jon Archer Grip Tape

  • Our Australian mate, Jon Archer has his own signature GRIPTAPE with Friendly which pairs great with his Signature Stage 2 Wheels. Large yellow print with medium grit.Friendly griptape is pro scooter griptape that Friendly created for Jon Archer, who rips for Friendly scooters. Friendly grip tape is 5.5" wide by 23" long and fits a wide variety of PRO SCOOTER DECKS but may need to be cut to fit your exact deck. Whether you ride park or street, Friendly made this grip tape just for you. The standard grit of the Friendly griptape provides the perfect amount of grip for the street and sufficient grip for beginner to intermediate park riders. Pro riders may want to up the game with heavy duty grit. Friendly grip tape is an affordable way to trick up your pro scooter and make it stand out from the crowd at the skate park.

  • Friendly Jon Archer Grip Tape Specifications

      • provide much needed grip when landing tricks
      • adds style to your scooter
      • fits any scooter but may require cutting to fit properly
      • single sheet
      • 5.50W X 23.00L