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Hella Grip IceBox Grip Tape

  • What makes Hella Icebox grip tape so popular among riders?

    Grip tape isn’t too complex but it’s hard to make a great sheet of griptape that will stay popular for a long time. Make the sheet big enough to fit a wide variety of pro scooter deck lengths and widths. Make it grippy. And, perhaps most importantly, make it cool so riders will want to buy it. Icebox grip tape checks all of those boxes. What started out 3 years ago as a one-time limited edition run of Hella grip tape during the holidays has ended up as our best selling grip tape of all time!

    What makes Hella Grip Icebox grip tape so special?

    Hella Grip is our best selling grip tape of all of our manufacturers. The cool blue Icebox color way is our best selling sheet of Hella Grip of all time, primarily because it looks awesome! However, Hella Grip does a couple of things that other manufacturers don’t. They have two grits – Formula C and Formula G. While Formula C is standard grit, Formula G makes your feet stick to the deck like glue. Hella Grip is also continually updating the size of their sheets to conform to the ever expanding lengths and widths of pro scooter decks. Icebox comes in at 6 inches wide by 24 inches wide, making it a fit for just about every scooter deck on the market today.

    Should I buy Formula C or Formula G griptape?

    Formula C grip tape is going to fit most riders needs, whether they ride street or park. However, if you pull some big air at the skate park, you may want to pick up a sheet of Formula G grip tape for some extra grip.

    Assembly Instructions – Hella Icebox Grip Tape

    As noted earlier, Hella grip tape comes in sheets that are 6 inches long by 24 inches wide. For MOST freestyle scooter decks, a large sheet like that will need to be cut to fit you specific deck. We recommend measuring your deck dimensions from the bottom of the headtube to the neck to the brake. Then measure the width of your deck and subtract a couple of millimeters from each side. Then cut your grip tape down to size with a box cutter or exacto knife. If you want to cover your whole deck, you’re going to have to measure from the front of the deck to the rear and cut a space around the headtube and the brake. This can be difficult. To make it a little easier, place your griptape upside down and trace your cut outs onto the back of the grip tape, then cut it out with a box cutter or exacto knife. Once cut, peel the backing off and apply slowly from the front of the deck to the rear of the deck, applying pressure to the deck approximately one inch at a time.

    Hella Grip Tape Warranty

    Griptape is considered a consumable product and is not covered under warranty.

    Current offers on the Icebox Grip Tape

    Icebox griptape is a current model and we do not have any current offers. However, as with all non-sale items that we have on our website, you can add Hella grip tape to your shopping cart to receive our best price.

  • Hella Grip IceBox Grip Tape Specifications

      • Printed on original Formula C grit grip tape (standard grit)
      • 100% made in the USA
      • Tear Proof-Water Proof PVC Liner
      • Premium Quality Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula
      • 6.00W X 24.00L
      • Aggressive Weatherproof Adhesive
      A limited one time run of Hella Icebox griptape ran 3 years ago. After selling out almost instantly, Hella Grip wisely decided to continue making it and Ice Box grip tape is one of our top two best sellers of all time!
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    Customer Reviews

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    Smokin Scooters review - Hella Icebox griptape review

    Hella Grip is by far our best selling grip tape and Ice Box is by far the best selling color way. It simply looks awesome and Hella has cut the sheets to 6 inches wide by 24 inches long. That means you can use this griptape on ANY scooter deck. You will need to cut Hella grip tape down to your deck dimensions but that is a small price to pay to own the hottest grip tape at the skate park.

    Great Product!

    Looks just like the picture and my son was thrilled with it! So far it's holding up pretty good.


    "Works great"

    Pretty decent product

    "Looks just like the picture and my son was thrilled with it! So far it's holding up pretty good."

    Quality item

    "My kid thinks it's 'hella-cool', so I'll throw 5 stars. Good quality. His old man thinks it is overpriced, but what the hella..."