Ethic Pandemonium Deck
Ethic Pandemonium Deck

Ethic Pandemonium Deck

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What pro scooter part do you start with when you want to make your own scooter? The deck, of course, and the Ethic simply makes one of the best pro scooter decks around with its Ethic Pandemonium Deck. Scooter decks are the foundation of your freestyle scooter. This pro scooter deck is a concave deck made from heat-treated 6061 series aluminum that is 4.70W X 22.40L and weighs in at just 2.7 lbs. Featuring an integrated 82.5 degree headtube, the Pandemonium Deck is compatible with wheels up to 110mm. Rear axle bolt, spacers, and brake included..

The Ethic Pandemonium Deck is a great example of an integrated scooter deck. When we first got into the industry, standard headtubes were fairly common but today they are all but extinct due to the simple installation of a headset into an integrated headtube. Gone are the days of using a special press or banging the headset into your headtube thanks to the integrated headtube. Ethic scooter decks have ample foot space for beginner to intermediate riders and work great in either street or park mode.

Ethic Pandemonium Deck Specifications:

  • concave deck made from heat-treated 6061 series aluminum
  • integrated 82.5 degree headtube
  • 4.70W X 22.40L
  • compatible with wheels up to 110mm
  • 2.7 lbs
  • Available dimensions: 4.70W X 22.40L
  • Available colors: BLACK, POLISHED

ETHIC SCOOTERS has quickly become one of our favorite manufacturers in the industry. Why? Nothing that they design looks like anything else in the scooter industry. From their beautiful and edgy decks to their wild, in both name and style, bars, Ethic scooter components will make your scooter look like no one else's at the skate park.