Lucky Evo Jackson Burklund Deck


We sell freestyle scooter parts and we have a wider selection and lower prices of pro SCOOTER DECKS than anyone else selling the Lucky Evo Jackson Burklund Deck. If you were looking for a PRO SCOOTER deck that offers tons of foot space, durability, and light weight, the Evo Jackson Burklund Deck can't be beat. Scooter decks are the foundation of your freestyle scooter. This pro scooter deck is a squared drop outs that is 5.00W X 22.00L and weighs in at just 3.95 lbs. Featuring an integrated 83.0 degree headtube, the Evo Jackson Burklund Deck is compatible with wheels up to 120mm. Rear axle bolt, spacers, and brake included..

The Lucky Evo Jackson Burklund Deck features an integrated headtube, which means that your headset simply slides into the integrated headtube cups. The Evo Jackson Burklund Deck requires an integrated headset and can only be used with threadless forks. Integrated scooter decks are much preferred over standard scooter decks due to the ease of installation and removal of the integrated headset. Lucky scooter decks are known for their high quality and super light weight.

Lucky Evo Jackson Burklund Deck Specifications:

  • squared drop outs
  • integrated 83.0 degree headtube
  • 5.00W X 22.00L
  • compatible with wheels up to 120mm
  • 3.95 lbs
  • Available dimensions: 5.00W X 22.00L
  • Available colors:

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