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Lucky Helux Forks

  • Most PRO SCOOTER FORKS look pretty much the same with a slight variation of where the cutouts are and how they were machined. The Lucky Helux forks offer a unique design that offers a different look than others scooter forks on the market. The Helux forks were designed for the intermediate to pro rider, as they are very light, yet durable. Available in 5 killer color ways, you have to pick up a set of Helux forks!

    NOTE: This is seriously old school but you still have to purchase a star nut separately and install it in the top of your forks.

    Lucky pro scooter forks are an aluminum pro scooter fork that work with the following types of compression: HIC,TCS,SCS. When you purchase Helux forks, you will need to purchase a compression system (listed previously) that is compatible with your forks, as well as scooter bars that are compatible with the selected compression system. Lucky Helux forks are durable forks and can be ridden on the street or at the park. The Lucky pro scooter forks are compatible with the following wheel diameters: 100mm,110mm,115mm,120mm. Lucky pro scooter forks are ONLY compatible with wheels with a 24mm core.

  • Lucky Helux Forks Specifications

      • Material: 6061 T6 forged and anodized aluminum
      • Length: 229mm (9")
      • Offset: 10mm
      • Weight: 0.73lbs (0.33kg)
      • Wheel Compatibility: 100mm, 110mm and 120mm wheels
      • Compression Compatability: HIC, SCS - Precision Machined Fork Race
      • Hardware: High tensile steel axle