Lucky Huracan SCS HIC Forks

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  • The Lucky Huracan forks are sleek and fast, just like the Lamborghini they were named after. Just like the supercar, they look fantastic and perform even better. Unlike the car, they are affordably priced at around $261,200 less! Available in either IHC or SCS/HIC variations, the Huracan is Lucky's best selling fork and works with any scooter out there! Lucky PRO SCOOTER FORKS are an aluminum pro scooter fork that work with the following types of compression: HIC,SCS,TCS. When you purchase Huracan SCS/HIC forks, you will need to purchase a compression system (listed previously) that is compatible with your forks, as well as scooter bars that are compatible with the selected compression system. Lucky Huracan SCS/HIC forks are durable forks and can be ridden on the street or at the park. The Lucky pro scooter forks are compatible with the following wheel diameters: 100mm,110mm,115mm,120mm. Lucky pro scooter forks are compatible with wheels with a 24mm core and either a 24mm or 26mm wide PU.

  • Lucky Huracan SCS HIC Forks Specifications

      • Material: 6061 aluminum T6 - Cold Forged & CNC
      • Length: 229mm (9")
      • Offset: 10mm
      • Weight: 0.60lbs (0.27kg)
      • Wheel Compatibility: 100mm, 110mm and 120mm wheels
      • Compression Compatability: HIC, ICS, SCS - Precision Machined Fork Race
      • Hardware: High tensile steel axle

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