Lucky Cody Flom V3 Wheels

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Cody Flom has long been a fan favorite and Version 3 of the Lucky Cody Flom signature wheels is our favorite yet! This version of Cody Flom's signature scooter wheels feature the extremely light weight Lunar core and a very cool two-tone PU. As always, Cody's signature wheels feature his name in the core and a signature Bible verse on the PU. If you are wondering where the color scheme came from, it is from Cody's love of old school Porsche race cars, as pictured (car sold separately). Speaking of fast, Lucky's Speed bearings make this one of the fastest and lightest wheels on the market today!

The 3rd generation of Cody Flom's wheels are PRO SCOOTER WHEELS that Lucky created for Cody Flom, who rides for Lucky scooters. Cody's sig wheels are 86A PU, which means that Lucky intended them to be ridden at the park because they are softer and provide more grip than 88A wheels. Cody Flom sig wheels are 24mm wide at the core and should be used with 24mm wheels spacers. The PU width is 26mm. Most PRO SCOOTER FORKS and decks were designed to handle a 24mm wheel core. The 3rd generation of Cody Flom's wheels are 24mm at the core and have 26mm PU, they will fit every fork and deck we sell that fits 24mm wheels. Since the PU is slightly wider than the core, it will be tight squeeze getting them between your deck and/or fork spacers but they will fit with a little extra effort. There is no need to get different spacers than the 24mm spacers that come with your deck or forks. Cody's sig wheels have a 110mm outer diameter, making them perfect for the advanced beginner to intermediate riders. 110mm wheels have long been the standard diameter for most intermediate pro scooters. However, as scooter wheels become wider and taller due to pro riders need for big trick speed, 110mm wheels are becoming the norm for beginner to intermediate scooter riders. The 3rd generation of Cody Flom's wheels come standard with pre-installed bearings.

Lucky Cody Flom V3 Wheels Specifications

    • Size: 110mm
    • Core Width: 24mm
    • Urethane Width: 26mm
    • Weight: 5.2oz
    • Core Material: Aluminum
    • Urethane Rating: Lucky Rebound
    • Bearings included: Yes
    • Sold as: Pair

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