Lucky Prospect Deck - 2019


The Lucky PROSPECT PRO SCOOTER Deck offers all of the specifications you need including concave top, profiled sides, flat bottom, and a flushed out head tube. Weighing in at only 3lbs, the PROSPECT is Lucky's lightest pro scooter deck. Keeping with the much loved PROSPECT style and design the deck is wrapped in sharp color and impressive graphics designed by industry legend Ryan Upchurch. This scooter deck just might make you the next prospect for the Lucky team!

There are a lot of stunt SCOOTER DECKS on the market today, but few that work as well as the Lucky Prospect Deck - 2019. Kids buy this pro deck because it looks awesome; parents buy it because Lucky cranks out quality products that are durable, long lasting, and, maybe most importantly, affordable. Scooter decks are the foundation of your freestyle scooter. This pro scooter deck is a 4 degree concave deck made from heat-treated 6082 series aluminum that is 4.50W X 19.50L and weighs in at just 3.15 lbs. Featuring an integrated 82.5 degree headtube, the Prospect Deck - 2019 is compatible with wheels up to 120mm. Rear axle bolt, spacers, and brake included..

Amateur and intermediate riders want what the pro riders ride and that means picking up an integrated scooter deck. The Lucky Prospect Deck - 2019 features an integrated headtube, which allows simple installation of the headset by simply sliding it into the headtube cups, as opposed to using specialized equipment to press it in, as you would on a standard scooter deck. Lucky scooter decks are designed and tested by their pro team riders and, if It is good enough for them, it should definitely work for you.

Lucky Prospect Deck - 2019 Specifications:

  • 4 degree concave deck made from heat-treated 6082 series aluminum
  • integrated 82.5 degree headtube
  • 4.50W X 19.50L
  • compatible with wheels up to 120mm
  • 3.15 lbs
  • Available dimensions: 4.50W X 19.50L
  • Available colors: BLACK, GOLD, PURPLE, SEA FOAM

LUCKY SCOOTERS has been leading the charge in the scooter industry for a long time now. Manufacturing some of the highest quality scooter components on the market, Lucky has put together a complete scooter offering, as well. Lucky Scooters has been around for a long time and we expect them to be around for a long time to come.