Nitro Circus R-Willy Forks

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  • If you pick up an RWilly SCS, then you have to rock the RWilly SCS PRO SCOOTER FORKS, as well. RWilly forks is a pro scooter clamp that Nitro Circus created for Ryan Williams, who rides pro scooters for Nitro Circus. Nitro Circus pro scooter forks are an aluminum pro scooter fork that work with the following types of compression: SCS,HIC,TCS. When you purchase RWilly forks, you will need to purchase a compression system (listed previously) that is compatible with your forks, as well as scooter bars that are compatible with the selected compression system. Nitro Circus RWilly forks are durable forks and can be ridden on the street or at the park. The Nitro Circus pro scooter forks are compatible with the following wheel diameters: 100mm,110mm,115mm,120mm. Nitro Circus pro scooter forks are an extremely versatile fork and are compatible with any of the following wheel core widths: 24mm,26mm,28mm,30mm. To swap out different width wheels, you will need compatible spacers for the wheel width selected.

  • Nitro Circus R-Willy Forks Specifications

      • Made from one piece cold forged 6061 T6 series aluminum
      • 8mm offset
      • Steerer tube length: 153mm/6 inches
      • Compatible with HIC and SCS compression ONLY
      • compatible with wheels up to 120mm x 30mm

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