Nitro Circus R-Willy SCS Clamp

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  • The R-Willy Nitro Circus SCS looks great and functions better. Rep the biggest name in the sport with an R-Willy SCS, which will add some style and offer the best compression that money can buy.Nitro Circus SCS clamp is a pro scooter clamp that Nitro Circus created for Ryan Williams, who rides pro scooters for Nitro Circus. The Ryan Williams SCS clamp is an aluminum SCS compression system. The Nitro Circus SCS clamp is a full size SCS because it is slightly larger than a baby SCS but provides maximum clamping power. The Ryan Williams SCS clamp only works with SCS bars without a slit. While SCS compression is more expensive than other compression systems, it is the most effective compression system you can put on a pro scooter. The Nitro Circus SCS clamp includes a shim and works with both oversized and standard outer diameter PRO SCOOTER BARS without a slit. The RWilly SCS includes standard M6 bolts, which provide adequate clamping power but can strip if overtightened. It is a good practice with any compression bolt to tighten each bolt 1/2 turn at a time, one bolt at a time, until all bolts are completely tight. The Ryan Williams SCS clamp works with the SCS compression ONLY.

  • Nitro Circus R-Willy SCS Clamp Specifications

      • Made from 6061 series aluminum
      • fits standard OR oversized outer diameter bars with NO SLIT only
      • 3"
      • raises bars 1.75 inches
      • compression bolt included with forks ONLY fits Addict forks;standard compression bolt to fit your forks must be purchased separately