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Nitro Circus R-Willy Official 540 Pro Scooter

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The Nitro Circus Rwilly Sig complete was designed for pro scooter riders. Designed by R-Willy himself, this is the scooter Ryan is riding right now. According to RWilly, the biggest focus of the scooter was getting the deck perfect for every trick in the book. One thing Ryan has always hated about some scooter decks is the fact that some make it incredibly difficult to do certain tricks. This was one of the bars he set for his model, and he kept at it until they got it right, working through several prototypes.

The Nitro Circus R-Willy Official 540 Scooter is a signature pro scooter that Nitro Circus created for Ryan Williams, who happens to be a top rider for Nitro Circus scooters. The Nitro Circus R-Willy Official 540 Scooter is built around a 5.11" by 21.25" deck with an 84 degree headtube angle. Because the deck has boxed ends, we consider the Nitro Circus R-Willy Official Scooter deck to be a street deck but it's equally at home at the skatepark or in your hood. PRO SCOOTER DECKS that are 21-21.99" long will be ideal for intermediate to pro riders that have been in the sport for a while or for those scooter riders that need a little more footspace. The Nitro Circus R-Willy Official 540 Complete features oversized outer diameter Y-Bars that are 26.4" tall by 25" wide. Bars this size are ideal for riders who are 5.5 to 6 feet tall. Bars and forks work flawlessly together due to the SCS compression system, which is the most effective compression system money can buy. Finally, the Nitro Circus R-Willy Official rolls on 120mm x 28mm wheels, which are very fast and used by most pro riders.If you are looking for a capable both scooter, the Nitro Circus R-Willy Official 540 Complete Scooter might just be the scooter for you!

Nitro Circus R-Willy Official 540 Pro Scooter Specifications

  1. Weight: 9 lbs
  2. Total Height: 38.1"
  3. Bar Width: 25
  4. Bar Height: 26.4
  5. Bar Material: Aluminum
  6. Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized
  7. Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
  8. Clamp Style/model: 4 Bolt SCS
  9. Deck Width: 5.11"
  10. Deck Length: 21.25"
  11. Wheel size: 120mm
  12. Wheel Width: 28mm
  13. Level of assembly: EASY
  14. Tools/Hardware included: Yes
  15. Suggested "Skill" level: Intermediate-Pro
  16. Available colors: BLACK, GOLD

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    Elizabeth Sceppa
    Helpful to the Extreme

    This rookie grandma found your website most helpful in deciding which scooter I should purchase for my grandson’s 13th birthday. We choose it together after comparing size, weight and user levels. It arrived quickly, exactly as described, quickly enough that I was able to see it in use before flying home! He could not be happier. Also, the emails received from time of purchase to date of delivery kept us informed and excited.