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Proto Gripper Wheels


Gripper wheels are some of the fastest wheels on the market. PROTO Wheels are made in the USA and have an anodized core for durability. Featuring BUFF Core Technology to reduce dehubbing. All PROTO SCOOTER WHEELS come with bearing removal slots for taking bearings out with ease. These wheels come with High Quality PROTO Murders Bearings pre installed. PROTO STICKERS INCLUDED. Limited 90-day warranty.

It can be hard to know where to buy your freestyle scooter parts, especially when you want to pick up PRO SCOOTERs wheels. The Proto Gripper Wheels fall into our collection of over 200 pairs of pro scooter wheels, available in hundreds of designs and sizes, from 100mm to 125mm wheels. Not only do we have a huge selection of scooter wheels, but we offer a low price guarantee on every product we sell. Add the Proto Gripper Wheels to your shopping cart and you will quickly see why Smokin Scooters has become the favorite scooter shop of lots of riders. Made from 6061 series aluminum, Gripper Wheels are available in 110mm. 86A urethane provides more grip than a harder urethane. Proto Murders Bearings ARE included. Gripper Wheels are sold in PAIRS.

Until a couple of years ago, 110mm scooter wheels were the largest wheel that you could buy. That has all changed with the introduction of 120mm and 125mm wheels. Pro riders are always looking for more speed so they can throw down huge tricks on the big air ramp at X-Games. If your name isn't Ray Warner or Max Peters, 110mm wheels should suffice. They also fit just about every deck and fork known to man and Proto scooter wheels are some of the best in the business.

Proto Gripper Wheels Specifications:

  • Made from 6061 series aluminum
  • 110mm
  • 86A urethane provides more grip than a harder urethane
  • Proto Murders Bearings ARE included
  • sold in PAIRS
  • Available dimensions: 110mm
  • Available colors: BLACK/BLACK, WHITE/SILVER

With three Patents Pending on designs which have revolutionized and, will effectively, standardize the entire construction and assembly of modern day freestyle scooters, PROTO SCOOTERS prides themselves in being on the innovative forefront of freestyle scooter product development and design. While Proto is probably best known for Grippers and Sliders, all of their products are among our best sellers due to their commitment to producing quality scooter components.