Proto Retro Lite V3 Bars - Zack Martin Signature - Tracker

  • Zack Martin's history with Proto is legendary. He has more signature scooter parts over time than any other rider we can remember, except maybe Chema Cardenas. Zack Martin Retro Lite signature bars come in at 30" x 24 inches wide, making it one of the largest T bars in the scooter industry. Not only did the PROTO retro V3 bar increase substantially in width and height from the V2, it also increased the thickness of the 4130 chromoly tubing used for the crossbar and the steering column to increase strength. These reTros come with a flat black powder coat. Complete with a laser cut PROTO logo.

    The V3 Retro Lites are a pro scooter bar that Proto created for Zack Martin, who shreds for Proto scooters. Proto Zack Martin Tracker bars are 30" tall by 24" wide. PRO SCOOTER BARS that are 28+" Tall were designed for a select few riders who are either very tall or true pro riders. As a general rule, scooter bars should sit around waist height when standing on the deck. Zack Martin sig bars are 24-25.99" Wide. Although bar height and width are highly influenced by personal preference, as a general rule, bar width should be similar to the rider's shoulder width.

    Zack Martin sig bars are a T-Bar that Proto designed for Street riding. Your riding style determines the bar material that you should purchase: aluminum, steel, or titanium. Steel scooter bars are the choice of many street riders due to their durablity. The weld on a steel bar is much more durable than the weld of an aluminum bar and, as such, usually carries a 90 day warranty vs the standard 30 day warranty on an aluminum bar. If you just want a bar that is going to last, the Proto Zack Martin Tracker bars is the bar for you. Scooter compression plays a very important role in deciding which pro scooter bar to buy. The V3 Retro Lites do not have a slit and are compatible with the following types of compression: SCS

  • Proto Retro Lite V3 Bars - Zack Martin Signature - Tracker Specifications

      • Weight: 3.6 lbs
      • Width: 24"
      • Height: 30"
      • Material: Steel
      • Outer Bar Diameter: Standard
      • Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
      • Stock Compression compatibility: SCS
      • Stock Slit: No
      • Shape/Profile: T-bar
      • Riding Style: Street

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