Root Industries Re-Entry 100mm Wheels

Not everyone rides massive 120 and 125mm scooter wheels. In fact, if you're a beginner rider, you shouldn't be riding huge diameter wheels. That's where the Root Re-Entry 100mm wheels come in. Root's Re-Entry wheels were designed with the newbie in mind. Available in 4 cool color ways at just $36 a pair, these entry level scooter wheels are a steal!

Root PRO SCOOTER WHEELS are 86A PU, which means that Root Industries intended them to be ridden at the park because they are softer and provide more grip than 88A wheels. Root ReEntry wheels are 24mm wide at the core and should be used with 24mm wheels spacers. The PU width is 24mm. Most PRO SCOOTER FORKS and decks were designed to handle a 24mm wheel core. Since both the core and PU of the Root pro scooter wheels are 24mm, every fork and deck we sell should be compatible with these wheels. Root pro scooter wheels have a 100mm outer diameter, making them perfect for the Root wheels come standard with pre-installed bearings.

Root Industries Re-Entry 100mm Wheels Specifications

    • Made from 6061 series aluminum
    • 100mm x 24mm
    • 86A urethane is a softer urethane that provides better grip than a harder urethane
    • Bearings ARE included
    • sold in PAIRS

    Compatible Scooter Bearings

    Compatible Scooter Forks